Latest headline from Metro:

With LFC holding out for a Euro90M transfer price tag, it may still fall through yet but if it realizes, I’m afraid Liverpool is back to square 1 in terms of rebuilding requirements as there are hardly any drop in substitute playmaker who can readily take up Couttie’s role on the market. Will LFC end up in the doldrums again just like in the aftermath of Suarez departure to Barca and Ian getting Rickie Lambert and Balotelli as replacements??


  1. Huytonian

    I wouldn’t believe what you read in the Metro but if we were to lose Coutinho it wouldn’t be as big a loss as Suarez though a lot would depend on who we replaced him with. Isco would be a possibility.

  2. warrior18

    The metro is a rag mate but i won’t be surprised if coutinho hightails it this summer, no problem with that as such, i don’t want players at the club who don’t want to be there. So, as with the situation with suarez, let’s get as much as we can for him and move on.

    1. ickyuk

      Coutinho was at an awards ceremony the day after this story broke, he was asked if he would like to play for Barca and replied , Liverpool took me when no one else thought i could play, I am happy here my family are settled , I have a great respect for the club and my ambition is to help to win many trophies for Liverpool FC and become a legend Like Steven Gerrard. Coutinho has seen the other side of Football, at Barca he would be a squad player at best, at Liverpool along with Mane he is a player Klopp wants to build a team around.Maybe not all players are easily swayed by the Barca Factor.

      1. warrior18

        Hopefully not phil but i do recall suarez saying similar words when asked about his future and then barca came calling. I know things were slightly different with suarez as in his misses being from barcelona and all her family being there but even so if they come looking for you it would be very very hard for any player to resist, this summer will give us the answer and don’t forget, there’s no loyalty in football anymore, especially with foreign players.