Don’t know whether or not you’ve heard the latest, but I read today that we might be after hi-jacking Arsenals’ purchase of Leicester goal machine, Jamie Vardy!!!

Apparently, the Kloppmeister is a HUGE fan of the J-Dog, and as we al;l know, we could do with some extra fire-power up front, what with Studges’ injury record, and the uncertainty about Benny.

The question has got to be, though, would he want a move what with having guaranteed CL group stage footy next season?


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I don’t think there is any truth in this rumour. Liverpool are looking to sell strikers not buy them. Klopp has said we have too many strikers and not enough wingers, though that was before Ojo was given his chance.


Isn’t he 29? Don’t see it myself


If you were Vardy, who has come through all the divisions and is currently 29, would you go to a club without CL football when you’re guaranteed of it just by staying put? I know I wouldn’t risk missing out. Agger retired at 31 which just goes to show a footballer can’t be sure of the length of his career. I’d be amazed if Vardy doesn’t go to a club with CL football next season.

Also, a large percentage of Vardy’s goals this season came from him running either behind or just in front of the defence and picking up long balls over the top. These are the kind of balls Benteke would’ve been able to have done a lot with but under Klopp we didn’t seem to play that way. If we weren’t prepared to adjust how we played to suit Benteke I can’t see Klopp changing the way we play to get the most out of Vardy either.


Honestly… Vardy should stay at Leicester City and build himself up as one of their footballing greats and legends. Also he has CL football next season for which will be a new experience for him to grasp and why risk it coming to us where we have no European football to offer to him.

He’s 29 years old and £20M is quite a lot of money for a player at his age with no sell on value. But on the other side of this… handing over that amount would had been a better risk than the one we took previously of £16M and he was shipped out to Milan and we’re still paying his wages… no need to guess and it’s Balotelli.

Appears that Arsenal has activated the £20M clause in his contract and they can offer him CL football. Vardy hasn’t responded but he’s in France and focused on playing for England. Finally has Arsenal added the extra £1 to the transfer? 😀