In the game against Stoke, Dortmund and Bournemouth Joe Allen has stood out. Definitely deserving praise and priority consideration for the upcoming ‘crunch’ games. Especially with Henderson and Can injury setback, he is proving to be more than a capable replacement for either. Whether it’s due to Klopp’s personality or tactics, Allen is starting to live up to the ‘Welsh Xavi’ tag.
With such highly rated recent performances ironically coming towards his contract expiry, It’s no surprise some fan base, critics and ex-players are calling for a new lease to be handed to Allen.

That in my personal view would be mistake for 3 reasons.

1) Consitency
Allen has been underperforming for several seasons in a Liverpool shirt. Once again it could be down to Rodgers tactics. However, Allen has not justified Rodgers faith in paying 15 mill and has been more misses than hits in the games he has played. His consistency level since his arrival at Anfield should be a huge concern for Liverpool fans, coach and the top brass if they are thinking of a new deal.

With time still left, and if Allen remains consistent in the new season, perhaps January next year would be the time to evaluate the situation. Hence rushing into a new contract over a few good games may not be ideal to assess if Joe Allen is a long term asset or a liability.

2) Physical Attribute.
In the recent game when Liverpool was 2-0 up against Southampton, there was two sides of Allen’s attributes. In the first half without any physical presence, Allen was freed up to make crucial passes. In the 2nd half with Wanyama’s brute force, Allen was bullied too easily that Liverpool’s midfield crumbled, the defence became vulnerable and Mignolet fumbled, to concede 3 goals and 3 points.

Comparing Xavi or Iniesta who have the same built as Allen is a grave injustice. Firstly the Spanish league is less physical. Second, these players possess the natural gift to change their game and spray defence splitting passes from the centre circle playing a holding role. Allen lack such vision and skills and most English teams will not afford ‘small’ players the smoothness and elegance of movements.

If Liverpool are going to raise the intensity on all fronts next season, Allen should be viewed as an injury prone re-signing.

3) Specialist Player
With Grujic making his Liverpool debut next season, it is mentioned he could be challenging Can, who is a similar box-to-box midfielder for a midfield spot. Hence rotating the role between them. That leaves the defensive midfield spot, which I doubt Allen will excel in.

If Liverpool are serious about challenging for top honours, it is time for the Reds to sign ‘specialist’ players. A solid defensive midfielder to break up play, a physical presence in offensive and defensive set plays and protect the defence from unnecessary pressure. Which is quite apparent with some of Liverpool’s losses this season.

Henderson could perform that role, but surely not Allen.

Liverpool can’t afford to remain sentimental and give fresh contracts to players based on few good performances divided by the number of years they have been on the books. And Liverpool have been on the back foot for too many years depending on players with average skills who shines once in a while.

The dilemma with Allen is, should Liverpool tie him to a new contract with a view to flog him off for a small profit, or let him walk away for nothing.

The verdict should be to let him go after his dues rather than getting stuck with another “Enrique’ scenario. Instead spread the resources for good players currently at Liverpool and let Klopp rebuild with his preferred signing.


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well for one thing the loss at southampton was not directly a fault on Joe Allen….but yes he was bullied and made it a bit easier…
Allen never made it under Brendon because he was brought in to be a dictator of the midfield, Rogers stated that Joe Allens pass rate at Swansea was top notch and we needed that playmaker in the middle, however he never matched to that expectation…BUT i see him more of a play breaker with a good eye for a pass NOW…
I think he should be given a new contract even if he plays as back up to EPL midfield or feature more in our Cup games etc…he has energy now that we have not seen previously whether its the Beard or not but he has matured a lot…he was quite scrawny when he came in :)..
KLOP…for Klop to challenge next season i am sure he is going to offload players to make way for new acquisitions and with that in mind has Allen proved enough to him not to be on the chopping block we will just have to wait and see..

No, no and no. There is no dilemma whatsoever, just give the lad a new contract and barring injuries he will prove once again how good he is. 1) When Joe Allen arrived he was motm for his first few games then he got an injury which required an operation but because our team was lacking in quality Joe had to play on through the pain. 2) it is no coincidence that round about this time Brendan lost the plot and was playing players all over the place, and I might add. Joe Allen dominated games against top mids including Yaya Toure.3) yea that’s right blame Joe Allen for the defensive shambles against saints. He was the one who kicked the ball up in the air for Skrtle to header the ball into pela, oh no that was our class goalkeeper. Joe Allen and many others are now proving how bad Brendan Rodgers was as a manager. It is no coincidence that under Klopp Joe Allen, Sakho, Cline, Lovren, Moreno etc are better now than they were under Rodgers. Joe can pass the ball as good as anyone if he has someone to pass to. Give him a new contract… Read more »

You only replace a player if you can bring in someone better. It would be strange to replace Joe when he’s playing his best football for Liverpool. We need a range of midfielders with different attributes and having a clever technical player like Joe balances the more robust players like Can. There are some games when I definitely wouldn’t start Joe against the more physical sides but there should be a role for him.

If however he wants to move to a team where he will be a first choice then I would not want the club to stand in his way as at 26 he needs to consider the rest of his career. Personally I hope he decides he wants to stay.


If Klopp thinks he can do a job, he and he alone will be the factor to Allen getting a new contract or not, if as it looks likely he gets that contract then it will be klopps role to get him playing and to be. Consistent in his game play. So yes give him a deal.

Some players attract a mythology around them and Joe Allen is a perfect example. Anecdotally speaking, I can’t think of a game under Klopp where I’ve thought he’s performed badly but this highlights an important point – if we are to compare the performances of players we have to put in place fixed parameters otherwise we’re just not comparing like with like. In an ideal world, to make an accurate assessment, you’d gauge two or more players after they’d played in the same position, for the same amount of time, under the same manager. In reality, that’s just not possible. The best we can really do is consider players in a similar set of circumstances, such as in the same tournament. The most detailed player stats available are for Premier League games so it may be worth comparing those for Can and Allen, taking into account minutes played – Can has played 2,402 minutes and Allen has played 466 minutes, approximately a fifth of Can’s playing time. They’ve both got one league goal so no-one’s got an advantage there. Allen has created 7 chances, Can has created 32 but if we divide that by five to equal up the playing… Read more »

I really don’t see any Dilemma here, Joe Allen might not start the games frequently when Can or any other MF is fit, I think Klopp is happy sending him on the pitch in the last 20 to 25 minutes simply because the opposition would be tired playing against us and J Allen can run less in that situation and make those crucial passes to our attacking players, I think it is Lucas Lieva who will be replaced, Gruijic seems to be his replacement, although Gruijic clearly needs a season or two, I don’t know how many times I have mentioned this Ross Barkely is the ultimate solution, I think Barkley might leave if Martinez remains their Manager if that happens, LFC needs to spend big to get someone like him but will they spend so much remains to be seen !!??


Allen is a great Connundrum and clearly divides opinion.
Like many I’ve been harsh on him in the past. Physically I don’t think he is big enough nor strong enough. He didn’t seem to add much to attack either. I didn’t think he could elevate Liverpool to another level as a regular starter.
And I honestly don’t think he could now.
But I also agree he has improved greatly under Klopp. Which is ironic in the fact Klopp has figured out how to get the best out of him when BR who knew him and worked with him before bringing him here, couldn’t.
Because of his improvement I think he can be a contributor as a sub. And he could be a stabilizing veteran around youngsters in Cup games.
So part of it for me would be whether he is content in such a role at this time of his career.
I think he was brought in to take the role BR didn’t think Hendo could fulfill.
Could injuries and a better option brought in this summer be the undoing of one or both of their careers here?


We can’t 20 superstars in the team. I consider Joe as an important member of the squad but not a guaranteed starter as many fans do as well. It depends if he wants to be a squad player at Liverpool or wants to play more. I’d imagine that he won’t stick around for too long more, maybe a season or max 2 and will leave in search of first team regular action.