When I saw a link containing the words ‘Joe Allen’ and ‘chicken’ I thought I’m not having that – Joe might be many things but he’s no coward. I clicked on the link, full of rage and ready to shoot down the accuser at the earliest opportunity, only to find a photograph taken by a gentleman who happened to have visited his local vet and had taken a photo of a magazine in the waiting room. Apparently, unbeknownst to the larger footballing community, Joe is a bit of a chicken breeder. So much so he actually made the cover of the Spring edition of Chicken & Egg magazine (the fashionable publication for the most discerning poultry enthusiast). Are there no limits to this man’s talents? If he’s not rescuing our midfield or appearing as the Second Coming of Christ (or the bloke from the Joy Of S*x book, depending on your point of view) he’s helping to feed the five thousand with a range of home-grown chicken products. Mr Allen (or should I say Messiah?), I salute you.


*some of the information mentioned here might not be entirely factual.


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Jamie (admin)

That’s brilliant, thanks for sharing this here


If this is true, i give up 🙄 🙄


He’s fond of cockerels apparently (owning 2 cockerels and 14 hens) so perhaps Klopp had better leave him out of the team when we play Spurs!

I did exactly the same reduncle I was raging when I saw the title here lol. I may as well post it here now regarding Joe. I have been in the past, really angry at some fans slagging Joe Allen. People forget when he first arrived he was a hero with motm performances the problem was it only lasted about a month then he got a serious injury and ever since he has been working hard to get back to his best. Since then, every time he is almost there he gets injured again, so for me I’m glad to see he is really close. His performances recently have been superb and imo was motm in the first half against saints. I think the problem is stamina. When Joe played for Swansea he played as a dm controlling their midfield and obviously did a great job because that’s why we bought him, but recently I think he is being used as a box to box midfielder with Can the holding mid. The problem is we as a team are not able to do the geggenpress for 90 minutes, no team can. Our problem is we don’t have enough quality on… Read more »

Oh and btw I don’t think Joe will be leaving in the summer. I will be shocked if he does.


Those aren’t Rhode Island Reds or Leghorns, those are Liverbirds!