Hi all you have probably heard the rumor regarding the pre contract signing of  centre back Joel Matip from Schalke. Do you think he is the answer to our abysmal defensive record. I haven’t seen him play so I can’t judge him. I have watched a clip on YouTube and jesus he is as bad as Lucas for giving away silly free kicks, in the clip I watched he gave away about 3 or 4 and also what I would have said a stone wall penalty. I know YouTube is not the place to judge a player. Has anyone seen this guy play. I am not doubting his ability but from what I saw his judgement is suspect. I’m sure Klopp knows him much better than one clip on YouTube though.


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I agree, from just those clips no way jose…even Sakho seems better…
But if Klop is in for him there must be more to his game than those clips,,,,so in Klop i trust..


He is good with the ball at his feet, he as pace and can recover back into defence from roaming forward, score about every ten games, good in the air both in defence and attacking ability. His weakness is as you say can go in a little rashly without a thought. Think Klopp will work that out of him and he is still only 24yrs old, and that’s young ad a CD. He can play left and right full back as well as any where central defence, so will give us great cover for injuries, he’s tall and gangly.


Can he consistently defend a set piece? If so, that is an step up.
Klopp and coaching staff and maturity can fix rash tackling. Of course the pace of the PL will be a baptism by fire in that regard so we will be sure to see more of that early, but don’t give up on him because of it


He’s only ever had one red card and that was overturned so he can’t be that rash with his tackles.


I read that he leads his team and is in the top 10 in Bundesliga in tackles, interceptions and clearances.
And maybe more telling, Klopp said he can dribble with both feet, has good pace, and is 6’4″. Klopp went on to say that was important because next season when we have our press up front working, the opponents will be forced to play long balls. So we need defenders who are tall who can win the long balls.
Just a glimpse at what Klopp’s intent is going forward


Do you know if he’s right footed or left footed? I think his signing could be the end of Skrtel or Lovren’s LFC career.