Mamadou Sakho’s footballing future may not be so quiet after all, as the Liverpool Echo explains:

Mamadou Sakho could make an unlikely appearance at next month’s European Championships for France.

UEFA has delayed a hearing regarding the Liverpool defender’s failed drugs test and opted not to extend the provisional 30-day suspension issued last month.

The ECHO understands that Sakho’s defence questioned whether the substance he had taken should even be on the prohibited list – leading to UEFA ordering their own disciplinary body to first investigate whether the substance should even be on the World Anti Doping Agency’s list.

Liverpool have declined to comment on the situation until the process is concluded.

It means that Sakho could still join up with Didier Deschamps’ French squad for the European Championships in his home country, with the deadline for the squad submittal May 31.

Defenders Jeremy Mathieu and Raphael Varane have already withdrawn from the squad through injury, and although a replacement has already been called up in Lyon’s Samuel Umtiti, Deschamps could still choose to call up the Reds defender to his final 23-man squad.

A UEFA statement said: “The 30-day provisional suspension ends today. The chairman of the Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body decided not to extend it. The player would thus be free to play as from tomorrow. A decision on the case will be made within the next few days.”

What I find staggering about this latest turn of events is that UEFA and WADA feel they have to investigate their own banned list. The time to question whether a substance should be on the banned list is before you actually put it on the banned list, not after.  When it comes to drugs in sport both UEFA and WADA should be a strict authority that clearly states what is and isn’t acceptable, both for the sake of the sportsmen and the sport itself. The fact they’ve let grey areas creep into their judgement may be advantageous for Sakho, although his ultimate fate  still remains unclear, but it undermines both organisations in their efforts to clean up sport.


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Jamie (admin)

Crazy stuff and typical of a firm of governance. I’m not complaining though, we need him back in a red shirt


Common sense has seemed to have prevailed, i’m reading he’ll be cleared in a few day’s time and rightly so, crazy he was suspended in the first place.


I am absolutely livid and irate reading this as it would have been huge to have him in defense vs Sevilla


This could be good news for Sakho and Liverpool but it could also be bad news for the club. As things stood a significant part of Sakho’s suspension would have been during the close season. If the substance were to remain on the banned list and Sakho was then to receive a suspension more of the suspension would be during the season. We’ll just have to hope the substance is removed from the list. Even if it is I still think we need another left sided central defender.


A weight-loss remedy ban may be crucial for sports like weight-lifting and boxing but its heavy-handed enforcement on football is questionable as there is no clear advantage performance-wise

LATEST REORT ON SAHKO: UEFA have claimed Mamadou Sakho asked to be provisionally banned for 30 days. As you will recall, Sakho failed a drugs test in March and didn’t play during the vital Europa League run-in. He tested positive for a fat-burning substance and is was widely assumed he would be banned for at least six months. In a stunning twist last month UEFA opted not to renew his provisional ban, saying in a statement that he was free to resume his career. It was discovered the substance the Frenchman had taken wasn’t even on the governing body’s banned list. Now the story has got even weirder. According to French newspaper L’Equipe, Sakho asked UEFa for his ban. Marc Vouillamoz, UEFA’s chief medical and doping officer, said the following: “Some substances cause an automatic suspension, others not. And in this case, the player wished to be suspended temporarily, of his own will, and UEFA acceded to his request.” There is still no official end date for the saga, but Vouillamoz thinks a final decision is imminent. “To my knowledge, the disciplinary committee will decide fairly quickly on the case. “Information was taken from experts, documents were passed to the… Read more »

After reading that article IMO ,MSakho will have to come in front to say what happened. Only he could tell us what is true . Frankly I never heard that before ,whatever in which sports an sportsman ask for his own suspension and ban , must wait for the declaration then we debate. 2nd , I would like to know whats JKlopp reaction? after all the team was not the same without Sakho, knowing very well the team needed him to gain points for the last games to finish in the top 6 and more an Europa cup final ,how could he took that stupid action? who ask him to do it? etc…..