Loris Karius has broken a bone in his hand after a collision with Dejan Lovren during the recent game against Chelsea. He is expected to be out of action for between six and ten weeks. The keeper has returned home and is awaiting surgery on the injury. Klopps response to the situation is as follows:

“It’s not too cool, of course. You never want to have an injured player and the problem with injuries is that they’re always at the wrong time – there is never good timing with injuries. It’s not cool for the boy, it’s not cool for us, but it can’t be changed so we have to take it.

“We have another three goalkeepers and everybody knows about the quality of Simon Mignolet, so [that’s] all good and he’s made a really good impression in the first few days since he’s been back in training.

“We have the very experienced Alex Manninger and the very young Shamal George. That’s now the situation. It could have been worse – everybody knows a broken bone in the hand for a goalkeeper is not the best thing to have.

“It could have been worse, but six, eight, 10 weeks – whatever it takes in the end – it’s not the longest period, but it’s not too good of course.”

“Timing is never perfect with injuries – not for him, not for us. It’s not that I have decided who is No.1 or something else, so it [has been] about collecting information about the players.

“We have some about him [Karius], we have some about Simon Mignolet. It was only a battle between these two players obviously and so now this battle is decided for the next few weeks, 100 per cent.

“It’s [now] only about who can help us most in which situation in which game, so I am really happy we have Simon and hopefully he can stay in the race and not get injured.

“The other two players – Manninger and George – we need to give them match time now. We will still collect information about the players, we will work with them and in the end we will make decisions. That’s how it is in each other position too.”

Who exactly will be in goal for the remaining preseason games is unclear but it looks likely all three of the keepers still available will get game time. The response of fans around the world has been typically doom-laden but Mignolet isn’t quite the walking accident he’s being made out to be and Manninger and George are able keepers in their own right. The situation could be worse but it’s now up to Klopp to identify his best keeping option for the beginning of the season so that we get off to as good a start as possible.


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Fantastic news, even more pressure on migs now to up his game, if that’s possible. I’ve not seen Karius playing but i took it for granted that he was an upgrade on migs, very disappointing news, over to you migs, change my opinion on you.


The jury is still out on whether Karius is an improvement on Migs as he has only had one save to make in pre-season (against Huddersfield). He had no chance with the Chelsea goal. The worry is that Migs picks up an injury and we are left with 39 year old Maninger and 18 year old George.