i believe it was the Liverpool Echo that held a poll on fan favorites/who should go. And Migs was near the top of the list fans wanted to show the door.

But he was give a five year contract you say? That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t unload him. It ties him down if we aren’t able to get an upgrade, and it pushes up his sale price if we do. Plus it hopefully gave him a little bit of confidence boost and steadied him, although that point is debatable.

But the question remains, who would you find to replace Migs. Of course Neuer is an ultimate wet dream. And DeGea and Courtois wouldn’t want or be allowed to come here for various reasons.

But the talk around Neuer suggests Pep wants to take him to City. So one option is Joe Hart. Another is Ter Stegen from Barcelona who doesn’t play their league matches, “just” cup ones. There was also that Augsburg keeper Hitz who looked like a good shot blocker and was probably more commanding in the air. But his distribution was worse than Migs so that’s a knock. And the acquisition of Bogdan makes a strong argument against buying players who make a good showing against us.

What we really need is someone who can stop shots like Migs, but controls the penalty area and builds confidence in his teammates. And a good distributor  would be nice but is tertiary to the first two for an upgrade.

We get all that, and maybe Migs even stays on for one or two years as a Cup rotational player.

Who do you want?


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Joe hart all day long for me, if he’s replaced as the number one by neuer then he won’t be happy about that and may seek an exit so it could be an option for us but that all depends on whether city get neuer in of course.


I like the look of the Stoke boy Butland good all round keeper, good shot stopper, commands his area, good on crosses.


I’d rather have Hart than Butland and I’d rather have Ter Stegen than either of them but they are all an improvement on Migs. Not sure about some of those on Kloppite’s list. He obviously watches more European games than I do!


Butland, Southampton’s Fraser Forster, Timo Horn and Ter Stegen are more probable options for summer discussions


Migs just had his best game for us. Coincidence or is Klopp getting through to him. He was more commanding than I’ve seen before and even came to the edge of his box to punch. We will need him to do the same against the scum if the hair plays.