“Is Klopp above criticism at LFC?” Stan Collymore

“Klopp is a piece of ***” Mino Raiola

‘Milner is used as a sacrifice’ Matthew Buck

Least not last, Sturridge is not paid to be a wide-man and Sakho is not paid to clown around.

If any Manager is under pressure this season, it’s the man taking charge of Liverpool. And if anything, this feels like some people are doing their best to rattle Liverpool’s chances early this season and the press is fueling the fire.

Stan Collymore do not know the meaning of discipline. So it NOT ironic that he feels clamping down on players who whinge, whine and clown around is wrong. Collymore has been doing that when he played for Liverpool till this day. Get a grip mate.

Klopp instead should be applauded that finally a Liverpool manager has put his finger on the core of Liverpool’s problem in the past few years; Discipline. Mental Weakness, psychological more than anything. ‘Mental psyche’ which Ferguson used so successfully against Liverpool, if any proof is required.

It’s a pity that as an ex-professional, Collymore do not realise that just recently Liverpool lost the title 2 seasons ago, because 10 other player around Steven Gerrard lacked that mental grid, the dedication and the discipline to get it over the line. Stevie took the heat trying to do it on his own and slipped..apologies for the pun.

Therefore, Klopp is more than right to get the basics right from within and set a standard before bringing key players for hefty fees.

Talking about mockery of transfer fees, just when Mino Raiola was laughing his way to the bank after making a huge ‘kill’ must now be worried now that his fake good luck charm, Mr Pogba was struggling against Hull City, a team that’s made of his one week’s salary.

Just like many, Raiola is afraid Klopp may just get it right. That would be egg on his face if Manure fails this season

If that happens Raiola and his clients will be become laughing stocks isn’t it? Oh wait, it’s already happened. Anyone vaguely remember, what was that fellas name…Belo..balo something like that. Piece of ***..looks who talking huh!

Talk is cheap of course, in fact its free. That’s why I reckon Milner’s agent Matthew Buck is looking desperately to get on that circus wagon simply because he wants to make one last chunk by getting Milner to the USA league. 

Milner may have come into Anfield on a free, but he is not playing each week for free. So saying Milner is a ‘sacrifice’ for 120K a week is lame bar joke sir.

Milner is contracted to Liverpool and they did not choose to play him out of position. Klopp have tried getting a LB, but did not let anyone hold LFC for ransom and paying over the odds. Till than asking and getting the best out of what Liverpool has is a talent Klopp possesses instead

So you can understand how footballer’s agent greed is threatened by the current Liverpool under Klopp. Give it a rest guys.

But that should not mean Studge and Sakho should try their luck to ride free and easy. They have come across as a disappointment for themselves and the fans this season.

Sturridge has the perfect platform this season to become one of the best. Klopp is giving him the role that made some of the best. Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar are all given more room out wide to display their set of skills. Studge’s dribbling skills have been compared to famous Brazilians, so it’s a little weird he doesn’t want to use those god-given skills.

A famous ex-Liverpool player playing from wide scored goals with his right foot, left foot, head, chest, hands and even tried using his teeth.

So Sturridge has his ‘set’ but is refusing to use it. Why dude?

Finally Sakho, oh man, what has he done. Didn’t anyone tell him you can have fun in your job, but never make fun of your job. Now he knows trying to make cheap wine from Klopp’s fire will make you end up in the cellar.

When Klopp wants 100% it would mean he expects 200 maybe 300%.

My presumption is, Sakho have till January to clean up his act or his career is French toast.

It’s why all this silly talks and debates are getting irritating. I would not be surprised if it’s an attempt to get Klopp out of the English Premier League, because the EPL is now the hotspot for greed and commercial success and Klopp is in their way. Or even ‘worst’, he could upset the odds for the title against big spending clubs.

However, Klopp may not be an easy pushover. In fact I feel since the day of Roy Evans to Houllier and more recently Dalglish, Rodgers have all tried to emulate the success of Shankley, Paisley so forth. But they overlooked the discipline and mental toughness the former greats instilled on the team

I like many Reds fans here grew up watching the likes Souness, Heighway, Case, Kennedy, Lawrenson etc get into a battle-of-the-bones each week for Liverpool FC. That sort of fighting fit togetherness, determination and discipline was what made Liverpool successful.

To me, the current set-up Klopp is demanding, is bringing back those memories. So everyone else not associated with LFC..shut the *** up.



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Great posting mate and It’s all down to sour grapes from Agents to ex Liverpool players when they can’t accept Klopp for being ruthless. I will stand Klopp when he’s in control of the team… it’s his way or the highway. Klopp sees this as a team effort of 11 players on the pitch and 3 subs added during the game plan. Remember this is a team effort and example when it comes to sudden death penalty shootouts… the goalkeeper gets a 12 yard shot to take in front of the opposition and another example when a team is 1 or 2-1 down in the dying moments of injury time a goalkeeper comes up for the corner as well with the remaining 9 players in the opposition box. 2 players that almost won the PL were Gerrard and Suarez for their mental grit and I still have memories that wild challenge by Kevin Mirallas on Luis Suarez during that derby game and I thought Luis was finished for the rest of his life but however he managed to shake off the knock and is a tough fella. I think we won 4-0? 😀 Last but not least which I saved… Read more »

I think you’ve got a point with most of what you’ve written but people seem to be getting the wrong end of the stick regarding what Milner’s agent said. First of all, it was Milner’s agent who was interviewed, not Milner himself, so we can’t automatically state the views expressed were the same as those held by Milner. Secondly, the job of every football agent is to ‘big up’ his player in the media, when given the opportunity. When Milner himself has been asked about playing left back he’s openly stated it’s not the position he prefers but if the manager asks him to play there he’s willing to do so. What his agent has done, as agents usually do, is take the sentiment expressed by the player and exaggerated it, thus suddenly Milner is supposedly ‘sacrificing himself for the team’. I’ve watched numerous interviews with Milner and I just can’t imagine him saying he was ‘sacrificing himself’ for anyone, it just doesn’t fit with his character. Milner is being criticised for words that haven’t even come out of his mouth and that seems somewhat unfair.


I think Milnervis one of the most professional players I’ve seen in a long time in any team sport.
I’d put this all on his agent and not him


What strikes me about Klopp is the utter professionalism of the man and also of the team he has built around him. He organises everything down to small.details such as getting players to report to him and the medical staff at the end of international games to give an update on their fitness (though I’m a bit surprised this didn’t happen already). I have a feeling trying to turn round Liverpool is a bit like turning round an ocean liner – it will take time but there’s no doubt we are heading in the right direction.


German engineering at its finest.
I’m with you and surprised some of these things didn’t already occur.
Then again, you have to have a track record that is respected to command such response from the whole team


Agents are the scum of the game. I think Klopp is still building the team and I give him this season and next to get the squad where it needs to be to start challenging for the title. If we get into the top4 this season, which I think is highly unlikely, next summer we’ll attract the quality players we need and I’m sure the club will invest heavily in the team. Other than our defensive frailties, there’s a good team there and players like Coutinho, Can and Origi will start coming into their prime years.


That’s the good AND bad news. As those quality players “come into their prime”, IF we are not in the CL the ones good enough will seek a move elsewhere to be able to play in the CL, not wanting to miss out on it during the best years of their career