It has been confirmed in the official lists all clubs must submit to the FA that Kolo Toure will be released by Liverpool as his contract expires at the end of this month. It is expected he will continue his playing career elsewhere.

I have very mixed feelings about this. There is, of course, the constant need to bring on younger players and phase out the older ones, that’s the reality of football, and with Matip coming in and Gomez returning there will be the need to free up space. However, with Skrtel also expected to leave and Sakho’s future still not confirmed I can’t help feeling we could be at risk of lacking an old head at the back once Toure departs.

There’s also the question of whether Toure would have been good enough for one more season at Liverpool. I think it’s fair to say he and Daniel Sturridge were the only players who came away from the Europa League final with any real credit and if Toure can perform that well in a European final it’s likely he would still be able to perform as a support player in the squad one last time.

Some reporters are saying Toure was offered a coaching role (something I can’t confirm) but this was declined as the player was interested in playing on while he still could. I can believe the coaching staff would try to retain Toure in some capacity as his loss will be felt more acutely behind the scenes than on the pitch. If Liverpool are lacking one thing at the moment it’s big personalities and you can put as many skilled players on the pitch as you like but if you don’t have the personnel to keep the squad buoyant when things get tough at some point you will suffer.

Like Gary Mac before him some players come to the club during the twilight of their careers and have a disproportionately large impact in a fairly short period of time. Toure certainly did this, stepping in and steadying the ship at pivotal points. For that alone he deserves our thanks but he also managed it with a smile on his face. He will be missed – in the stands, in the dressing room and on the pitch – and it’s now up to Klopp to make sure the void is filled.



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Totaly agree sam, i feel toure deserved and earned at least a one year extention on his contract. Every team needs an experienced player or two in it, if for nothing more than to pass that experience onto the youngsters.Toure was an excellent player for us and one of our more consistent one’s as well which is what let us down last season. We can only put our trust in klopp that he has a worthy player lined up to take his place and like you say with skrtel likely leaving as well we need experience at the back, over to you klopp.


Honestly when we signed him I was befuddled and couldn’t figure out why.
And there was that stretch where he couldn’t stop scoring own goals (at least it seemed so and was nerve racking as we watched him what seemed to be repeatedly putting his puzzled face into his hands).
But somehow he dusted himself off and put in a magnificent season this year, often being one of the best players on the pitch as you mention (also the case vs Madrid in last year’s CL group).
Sad to see him go. But happy to know that wherever he turns up, I’m sure he will have a smile on his face as he plays.


I’m also a bit surprised at this. Toure was always a very reliable stand-in when we had injuries or suspensions and we will always remember his heroic performance against Sevilla even if it was ultimately in vain. My best memory of him was when he ran Aguerro off the ball as the latter was through on goal in our game against City at Anfield last season.

I’m wondering if this move suggests the Club is confident Sakho will not receive a suspension and/or that they will be bringing in another centre back.


I think that is clear


I am disappointed for Kolo from not getting another contract or to stay with us. His experience as a leader will be sorely missed and most importantly he was one of our best players in the 2016/17 season. I wish him the best with his future and he has been written into the Liverpool FC’s folklore when future generations of Supporters will learn about him. YNWA Kolo Toure.