I saw the UD Las Palmas v Barca game last nite and finally…finally…finally…I saw a good team giving it a right go at Barcelona. Suarez scored at the 6′ only for LP to equalize at the 10′. After that it was really exciting one touch football stuff oscillating between LP and Barca but the most noticeable thing was that LP seemed to be dominating possession, winning balls back and keeping Barca at bay. My oh my … how rare it is to see Barca defenders having to work overtime, panting and stuff like that !

I know we nearly bought all of Southampton players under Brendan Rodgers one or two seasons ago but please oh please … lets get all these Las Palmas players to wear the Reds shirts. They’re wonderful!

That said..I’m really looking forward to the Arsenal Barca game this Tuesday but I don’t know whether the London club can do as well as LP.

What we at Liverpool need to do is to improve our attacking play and one touch football. There is such a difference between our attack and the attacks of other teams like LP and Barca. That is why I don’t really prefer a Hendo or Lucas. They’re always backpassing. I know JK said that Firminho has improved  much but he still does not have an attacking mind. Everytime the ball gets to him, things seem to slow down a bit. I was hoping for an exciting Brazilian connection between Cou and Firm but now I think not. There doesn’t seem to be that “great piece of understanding” between them. We are still trying to find the best 11 for us. I think we may have to try Teixeira and Oyo. I was very disappointed we did not get that “other” Teixera, another Brazilian. He would have brought about that attacking flavour that is missing. But since JK said that he has enough strikers, I don’t know… I’m hoping the Reds can step up their attacking play to the level of Arsenal, Las Palmas or Barca. But now with Firminho, Hendo or Allen. But I think Studge and Origi could do it. With youths like Teixeira and Oyo added, it could be a fun mix next season.

We really need genuine exciting attack-minded players next season. I am really tired of seeing those backpasses, inconsistency and that unwilling to score mentality. No counter attacks. No incisive passes. No support. No mid-distance strikes or strikers at 15-25 metres. Things are really starting to get boring. We need energetic players like Mane (Southampton), Xherdan Shaqiri (Stoke). Players that are willing to run and run and run. And add to that 5 or 6 Las Palmas players.

Just pass the ball up quick and start attacking, poking and shooting. You won’t win games side passing and back passing and wasting time hesitating and thinking.


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Agreed our interplay is often poor compared to the best teams but we have never had a settled side this season and players are still getting to know each other. Nor has there been the opportunity for Klopp to work with the players in depth on the training ground. It has been play, recover, play again. With a few additions and a decent pre-season this should come right next season.


I don’t think Firm slows the tempo mate, in fact it’s other way around, Sturridge, Coutinho and Firmino have not played too many games together, so let’s be patient.

Honestly how can we even possibly imagine giving up players Like Firmino(not even completed a season) and Hendo ( Not fully fit).

Barca has Busquets, when you have a defensive midfielder like that , attackers and attacking midfielders are more confident moving forward.

We definitely need a winger, a defensive Midfielder and a proper Goal Keeper.

Let us not forget Dany Ings who will definitely have an impact in the next season.

The only player in the squad who has to be replaced is Migs and a couple of defenders…

There are rumors about Goetze but where does he play ?!