Liverpool have tonight accepted a bid from Bournemouth for left back Brad Smith. The Australian will fly back from the clubs US tour to finalise the move.

The deal leaves Alberto Moreno as the club’s only left back, this suggest we may finally have a new left back arriving, but who?


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Klopp inferred there was another signing to come in a recent interview so Smith leaving would fit into that scenario, otherwise we’re woefully short at left back. I must admit the club getting £6m for a relatively unknown defender was good business and Bournemouth have been rather generous to us this transfer window.

Jamie (admin)

Agreed 6m is a great price, especially after his contract fiasco last season. Both deals with buy back clauses too. If we bring in a quality LB now that’ll do me, a decently assembled squad with a good few weeks to train before the season starts.


We desperately need a LB and not one to challenge moreno but to replace him, who that may be god only knows, i was hopeful for smith but that scenario is gone now, klopp must have something up his sleeve.


I’m wondering if Klopp will go for Jonas Hector with whom we have been linked for some time. Having watched him at the Euros he can certainly get forward and send over a good cross but I’m not sure what he is like as a defender as Germany rarely had to defend.

It’s not just a left back we need though. With Flanno likely to be going out on loan, Gomez injured, Wisdom likely to be sold and Randall lacking experience we are looking short in both full back positions.


I rated Smith a touch higher than Randall, but that was because of what he added going forward that I don’t think Randall brings. I’d rather have kept Smith over Randall but I think the better price comes for Smith, thus his sell. Which would then suggest a new addition. Which I agree with because I honestly don’t think Smith or Randall are a long term option, and we clearly need one.


Smith is a couple of years older than Randall so the latter still has time to develop while Klopp has presumably made his mind up about Smith. Having said that I’d be very surprised if Randall was a long-term solution even as cover for Clyne.


I’m hoping Klopp can get a quality LB to replace Moreno. Ricardo Rodriguez from Switzerland would be awesome!