Help me folks, I’m confused! Brad Smith sold for 6 M and Moreno still first option at left back. What the He++ is going on? Why stick with the Spanish LB and purge of the rest of the team? If Moreno has a repeat of last season and ruins our chances at a top four finish, Klopp’s air of invincibility will be a thing of the past. Forget the stats that say Moreno is one of the most productive LBs in Europe. How many of the other LBs cost their teams crucial games like Moreno? Question 1 – How many English players has Klopp brought in? Question 2 – How many English/Wales/Scottish players has he sold/loaned out? The German is vindictive (in a good way) when it comes getting rid of players that disappoint him. I knew that this was coming after the Europa final but the extent of his disappointment is a bit staggering to say the least. IMHO if Milner, Henderson and Lallana don’t produce this year, they too will be at different clubs next year (Sturridge also). I bet the congenial atmosphere of last season has been replaced with a more professional one and the laughter is just a little forced at the moment. Anyway, Klopp now has his core of players that he thinks will challenge for the top four or more, but this is not the year he promised results in, just progress – NEXT year is the pivotal year of his reign. Fingers and toes crossed? YNWA!


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He’s also said in so many words that because we lost the Europa Final (no CL to offer) that we can’t get everybody he’d want.
I’ve read that the only players he would ideally keep are Can, Firmino, Origi and Lallana (can’t remember if Sahko was in the list too). Guys with big engines who can press and bring something technical as well.
Names (maybe shocking) not in that list:Hendo, Milner, Moreno, Sturridge, Coutinho.
So they all have a preseason to prepare and a season to perform to change his mind


I’m getting pretty worried too; 7 transfers later, still no sign of any left back or defensive midfielder with Lucas Leiva rumored to be moving on!!!

Mate if you took the last season players who played as LB you should see that Moreno is far much better . Before JK took on BR had used young Gomez ,then kloppo try Smith and once Clyne so with all the defenders there was not better than the Spanish to play on the left side. Frankly said am sure if we were playing europe kloppo would never sell Smith but with only domestic compet and cups to play he better cash on the 6m which are offering to him for a promising young player and it is in the policy of the FSG management . LB are not much on the market and if you remember there was some good LB available,but with the problem of not playing the CL many don’t want or rejecting our offer such as the PSG player who choose Barca knowing very well he will hot the bench,so what am saying is if you want a better player you will need to put big sum on the table ,but it looks like the FSG don’t want to spent much more on such as RKlavan 6m and Matip Free transfer , but why not a… Read more »

You have more faith in Moreno than I do. I noticed in the Huddersfield game he was still tackling from the wrong side, exactly the same fault that caused us problems at Norwich, but he got away with it this time. It worries me that he is so headstrong and doesn’t seem to learn from his mistakes.


Head strong or mentally weak?


According to media reports for which I never listen to them as much but some can be worrying…. Rumors about Jon Flanagan going out on loan? The fella did’t get a chance to produced the goods from a long term injury last season plus he wore the Captain’s armband in one game.

This guy can can play both left and right back and I am sure he can play central defense too. I never forget that hard man tackle he did against Sterling that almost sent him across Stanley Park and that my friends was steel. Me personally Klopp should keep Flanno and move Moreno to as a winger like he had started out as on when he was with Sevilla.

Flanno is our future skipper when he reaches his peak and to do that it has to be with us… because to me sending a player out on loan is a trial to buy… something like computer software… 30 day trial and if you like it then you an option to buy it.