I was reading an article about the Spurs match today and it had a sobering stat.

It said Liverpool have dropped the most points from a leading position in the PL this season. The number of points dropped…15. The way the article was written that it didn’t include the two we dropped from the Spurs match.

Of course nobody ever goes perfect from that position, but if we closed out EVERY lead this season those extra 15 points not dropped would move us from 9th on 45 points to 3rd on 60, behind Leicester and Tottenham (not figuring taking away points we yielded to those two). If the two points dropped against Spurs weren’t figured in and that 15 became 17 and Spurs had 2 less we’d be in second.

So the good news is we’ve been able to put on the pressure in the earlier parts of many matches this season. The bad news is that for some reason we haven’t been able to close up shop and bank the victories.

Mao what is the reason?  Is it a lack of focus?  Is it a lack of quality? Are we missing leadership and/or a winning mentality?  Is it tactical?  Does some of it come down to silly mistakes by a player, such as Migs or a defender?  Are they distracted by being spread thin across advancing in so many competitions?  How about a team playing high pressure that peters out and after a preseason with Klopp they will be better conditioned for 90 minutes week in, week out?

Or is there just a combination of many things and no one thing in particular?

Is this the point where Klopp will earn his pay?  I think this is going to be one of the biggest issues to sort in the offseason.

I’d be curious to hear your thoughts.


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It may have something to do with gegenpressing tactics as LFC players tend to run out of steam especially in the second half as in the Southampton game. Klopp’s game may be exciting to watch but many teams in both the Bundesliga and EPL have learned to handle and counter Klopp’s game.

It’s hard to point out Kloppite, even if we have to say that style of play is impacting, let’s not forget Spurs also adapt the same style and they are sitting second, also we need to note that the Spurs Manager has spent more time building the team than Klopp, we will have to wait and see in the next season, there is no doubt that there will be improvement, also I don’t think Klopp will not focus on cup games next season, he will probably give a lot more opportunities to the youngsters and academy players in the squad. Agreed the existing players have to adapt and the players who will be joining in the summer window might not be tailor made for the style of play, even they will take sometime to fit in, it would be nice if Klopp and his coaching staff come up with some new changes in training and style of play, keeping in mind the conditions and the amount of games that will be played in the next season , not major changes but effective changes. In Midfield and Defending areas, our players make mistakes, they run back and win the ball, lot… Read more »

I don’t think it is to do with running out of steam. I think the team is one of the fittest in the Premier League. Look at the League Cup Final when we were the stronger team in extra time. It’s more to do with lack of clinical finishing – getting that second or third goal to kill off the opposition and a lack of composure in defence. I have been watching Leicester defend their 1-0 leads in recent matches and their defence is brilliantly organised with the full backs and defensive midfield all doing their job as well as the two strong (if agricultural) centre backs. Klopp needs more time on the training ground to get this level of organisation but with 2 games a week it must be hard though we have seen some improvement since he took over.

Musicman71 aka Muso

I know. Read the article meself. Worst in the PL.
Defo, need to stop taking the foot off the gas when we go ahead. Should be a case of ‘more fuel to the fire, lads!’


I agree with much of what’s already been said, it’s probably a combination of a number of these factors. When foreign coaches first come to the Premier League I don’t think they realize quite how intensive the football is in England. Games come thick and fast and they’re usually played at a high pace. Because of this it can take time for foreign coaches to adapt their methodology to the conditions of the PL, and Klopp has been no exception. I don’t think we’ve quite got the strategy right yet that marries his way of playing with the endurance needed to see a game out. I’ve no doubt it will come but it needs everyone to understand their role as the game evolves, what they should be doing in differing circumstances.

Musicman71 aka Muso

And let’s not forget. He’s playing with BRs’ squad, so he’s playing with a side that’s had pretty much the same mind-set for the last few seasons. Once he gets his ‘version’ of the squad together, then he’ll finally be able to dust off the ‘cobwebs’ of the previous regime (sic), and get the whole side playing his way.


Not only has the manager, maybe has to adapt his philosophy of play, the players need to be able to adapt during a game, by slight adaptions of play during the game will help defuse the oppositions strategy against us.

Musicman71 aka Muso

Nowt wrong with the gaffers’ philosophy. It’s just a case of getting the whole team taking it onto the pitch, as opposed to a few of them.