Watched the game on LFC tv , great to see so many big names, but some people need a reality check, the big thing on social media amongst LFC fans after watching the game was to bring back Agger, Gerrard and Carragher into the first team after their performances. Lets put this into perspective, this was a charity match against players who maybe retired as much as 15 years ago. Yes class always lasts but its the pace of the game in the prem that finds older players out. All 3 players knew this and decided to retire. Do these supporters really think that in the prem they would be given the time , space and lack of tackling as in a charity game. No way let them remain what they were Legends. I remember when Fowler came back under Rafa, was sad to see a player passed his best , trying to recreate his halcyon days.


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HaHaHa, i mean, you just have to laugh at what some people come out with, they wouldn’t last 5minutes with these young guys today, was great to see them play again but obviously that’s as far as it goes, a charity match.


Nevertheless I hope our so called strikers were watching the game and in particular John Aldridge’s positioning. Ok he missed two of his three tap ins but would Origi or Firmino have been in those positions in the first place? I doubt it.


I’ve also been trying to explain to people this exact point since the game, without much success. The amount of times I’ve heard ‘Gerrard could still be an impact sub off the bench’ you wouldn’t believe. It’s true these players still knew what they were doing positionally but the pace was, understandably, so pedestrian the game could hardly be compared with a PL match. There were also very few proper tackles and a constant rotation of players. As a charity match it was fantastic, as an audition for the Premier League it was laughable.