As Jurgen’s barren goal struggle upfront continues past his third month at Liverpool, he seems to regard Dan as more of a luxury which LFC can ill-afford and is willing to listen to offers of up to 25M. Klopp’s patience seems to be running out waiting for his strikers to return to action with Ings also out long term and Origi not fit. If there is such a thing as permafrost in the Arctic, then a phenomenon like permacrock is starting to take hold at Anfield with a host of injuries afflicting the red’s first team…


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I read a comment elsewhere that said, LFC would be mad to sell him for 25mill and anyone else would be mad to pay 25mill for him. We know what he can do on the pitch, it’s all been said before, i think we should try and tear up his current contract and put him on a pay as you play one but with high a wage, say 100grand, as far as i know he’s on 150 now for doing nothing, so 100 when he’s playing and 50 when he’s not, surely the guy would’nt have a problem with that, he won’t get that kind of money elsewhere with his injury record. i’m all for keeping him at the club but he has to realise he needs to take a big wage cut, otherwise fsg and klopp will say goodbye for whatever fee we can get for him.


He’s on a long contract so I can’t see him agreeing to that unless he has a much greater ethical sense than most footballers (or the rest of us for that matter). I just hope we don’t sell him to another Pl team and then find he mysteriously gets over his injury problems.


I feel really sorry for him , LFC has paid it’s respect to the player by waiting which doesn’t happen in modern times, any step that is taken to resolve this should not hurt Sturridge and the club.


Sturridge is a world class talent. He’s worth trying to solve his injury issues. If he spends this season working on resistance and focussing on getting fit then over the summer build his strength and then he should be fine for next season. If injuries still persist then I’ll be 100% behind selling him.


When he is fit there’s no don’t he scores goals. But for me he never looks excited when he scores for us, don’t know might be me and I’ve become resigned to the fact, he will score in acouple of games, then be injured for months,