Breaking news! Looks like Jordan Ibe is set to leave the club.

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15mill for ibe, 31mill for benteke, not far off 50 mill, add that with other sales and whatever fsg put in the transfer kitty, we might just be very busy this summer, happy days.


Its very tough to see all the youngsters leaved the club , but its the management policy buy cheaper sold expensively . For the boss IBE was a promising 20yrs old player who had his chance to prove himself unfortunately he didn’t impressed. With not much games to play this season IBE knows well he could hot the bench for long so if over there he could play regularly he must go. LFC need to lighten his team, there are too much confirm players with big salary so whenever got the chance to cash on, imo, they will not think twice.


The fact that Liverpool have accepted the offer doesn’t mean he will go but I guess the likelihood is that he will be on his way. I’ll be sorry to see him go as I thought at one time he had more potential than Sterling (maybe he still has). I had hopes for Ibe, Rossiter, Canos and Sinclair but they will likely all be gone by the start of the season. It shows how difficult it is for youngsters to break into one of the better PL teams these days. Having said that some of the above moves are as much the result of greedy agents as the Club wanting to move the lads on.


I’m a bit surprised, to be honest. Ibe is obviously an unrealised talent – there is the capability within him to be something special, it’s just a matter of getting it out of him on a regular basis. I saw in an interview with Klopp he said he doesn’t like the English emphasis on transfers, he believes a lot can be achieved through persistent training with existing players. I was looking forward to seeing what Klopp could do with Ibe on the training pitch because if anyone could get extra out of Ibe it’d be Klopp. It’s a shame that doesn’t look like it’ll happen now. There is talk of a buy back clause if Ibe’s sold which might be wise in the circumstances.


I, like many thought he had more potential than Sterling, largely because he’s not the head case that Sterlig has repetively been. So him being around still made Sterlings departure that much easier.
The problem with both of them in my opinion was that their games were built mostly on speed. This got them by in youth action, but their lack of a quality end product was exposed at the top level.
What makes this easier to stomach for me was the arrival of Sheyi Ojo (much like Ibe behind Sterling). Where I think this is different is Ojo seems to have a better final ball.
As for youth being promoted, I think it incredibly tough. For it to become a more regular occurrence, I think a “reserve league” needs to be established to allow them to play with more first teamers and firing players to work their way into readiness. Otherwise they are going to continue to be forced to leave to find first team football to develop their game


£15 M is not a bad price but I do there is a clause that makes us money if he’s sold to another club… I had hopes for him to succeed with us and I hope he does well with his future. Thank You Jordan Ibe and you will be missed in the red shirt.