Throughout LFC’s 125th anniversary year, will retrace the club’s history through the striking images that plot a fascinating journey. Today, we start the series with the club’s ‘birth certificate’.

Were it not for the document below, Liverpool Football Club would not exist.

On this day 125 years ago, the Board of Trade officially ratified the renaming of Everton Football Club and Athletic Ground Company to Liverpool Football Club and Athletic Ground Company.

Everton had initially been registered with Companies House on January 26 of that year but, following a seismic split in the boardroom, director John Houlding elected to break away and form his own club.

That club would be called Liverpool and, with Houlding having initially incorporated Everton, he opted to rename his company, rather than start afresh.

This move was recognised on June 3, 1892.

As a result of the renaming, the new iteration of Everton FC had to register again as a new company, eventually doing so on June 14, 1892.

Take a closer look at the document which is now regarded as the ‘birth certificate’ of Liverpool FC below.



We all know about this fine piece of History about our Football Club… Happy Birthday Liverpool FC YNWA!


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Some great information there lanno, cheers for posting it 😎

Jamie (admin)

Happy Birthday LFC!! Thanks for sharing the info here mate, I’d have missed this otherwise.