Just quickly sharing a few articles regarding the Liverpool players return to training today. Liverpool’s loan players and new signings have arrived for their first session with new fitness coach Andreas Kornmayer.

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Kornmayer has arrived with a big reputation from Bayern Munich as part of a number of changes Klopp has made to the medical/coaching team this summer.

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Mario Balotelli was among the players that returned today, he’s been talking to reporters about his future and it seems he’s been doing a bit of soul searching. I’m not sure if he’s talking up a move or trying to impress Klopp but it’s interesting stuff.

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With the little time that Milner and Hendo received at the Euros, haven’t they already had about three weeks off?


Balotelli reckons he’s been working hard the last two years to improve his game. If that’s true we haven’t seen the evidence yet.


Please god, if there is one, balotelli will never wear the liverbird again, i’m shocked he arrived at melwood for pre-season, somebody please give us 10mill for him.


Say what you will about Balotelli, but IF he was in the Itsly squad and one of their first five penalty takers they would be in the semifinals now