I’m still finding it difficult to believe what happened last night.  At 2-0 and 3-1 we seemed dead and buried but the players still believed and in the end they overcame one of the best 5 teams in Europe. People have commented on the similarity with the performances against Olympiacos, AC Milan and West Ham but I see one significant difference.  Those unlikely come-backs were inspired by one man, Stevie G who produced unbelievable performances rallying the other players behind him.  Last night we did not have a Stevie G on the pitch.  Indeed over the past 3 seasons we have lost our three talismatic players, Carra, Suarez and Stevie himself.

Not only have we lost those players but we have recruited in quantity if not always in quality, with 6 or seven new players arriving each season.  Consequently performances and results have been erratic to say the least as players have failed to settle in or have required time before beginning to show their best form.  Add to that a catalogue of injuries and it is hardly surprising we have struggled.

The arrival of Jurgen Klopp gave us all hope and although there was no instant miracle he has gradually restored self belief in the players and has, after six months, got most of them playing to their potential.  What gives me the greatest hope for the future is that we had no talisman on the pitch last night, nobody who dragged the others on to unimagined heights.  It was a collective effort by all the players.  No longer are we reliant on one or two exceptional players to lift our performances, everyone is chipping in.  For example in the last 2 games we have had 6 different scorers.  That’s not to say we don’t have some exceptional players, Coutinho on his day, Sturridge when fit and potentially Can, Firmino and Origi.  But if any one of them was missing we would not expect our performances to nose-dive.

There are very exciting times ahead and with a few strategic high quality acquisitions in the summer who knows where we might be this time next season.



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I am just going to enjoy the ride


You are absolutely right Huytonian, the keywords are “strategic high quality acquisitions”, hope the scouts are doing their job well because it will be hard to get good proven players from EPL as every club is getting good money next season, so they will hold on to their key players, it has to be from the other leagues… let’s see I sincerely hope Jose Mourinho does not go to the Manacs , then Zlatan is more likely to join them… if Zlatan joins LFC that would be epic …..


Couldn’t agree more huytonian but i’ll go one better and say i know where we’ll be this time next season, fighting for the title and i’m convinced of that, this team is really starting to gel together now and with 2-3 big signings this summer i think the sky will be the limit for us next season.

I completely agree with the sentiment that we have seen some notably collective wins lately. I’ve been critical of Sakho’s defending against Dortmund, perhaps a bit harshly, but it says a lot that he was driven to press so hard to get a goal and I think that was the story for a number of players in that game. Milner struck some terrible corners, to the point where Klopp had to quieten the crowds moans, but he still attacked and put in some first rate crosses that ended in goals. If I had to guess I’d say there has been two crucial changes since Klopp’s appointment – firstly, Klopp’s renowned motivational skill’s are kicking in, and secondly, Klopp believes players shouldn’t be punished for on-pitch mistakes and that mindset is starting to alter the behaviour of the supporters. Under Rodgers the players were afraid to take risks because they knew they’d be criticised widely should they make a mistake. Rodgers’ love him/hate personality meant it was very difficult for him to get the supporters to just let his players play without fear of backlash. With Klopp it’s different. His amiable personality has put the players at ease and relaxed the… Read more »

How can you not want to play for a man who is knowledgeable at what he does, but then hugs you vigorously, cheers you vociferously, and jumps around and cheers you on vehemently?
Or you can have a catatonic bump on a log like LVG.
I think most would choose Klopp