Wonder of wonders! We take on Dortmund next in the Europa. Just as we very much wanted Manure, well, this is one match I wouldn’t have wanted at least until the final in Basel. But there you go .. its the footballing draw. I’ve always held that teams win the CL and EL starting from the luck of their draws.

So we have the 2 Spanish clubs – Villareal and Sevilla. Sevilla is a villain as they have won the Europa four times and I’m sure they are seasoned at giving a right go this tournament. I see Sevilla in the final but who will be the other team ?

Well I must say Jamies’s post on : “the Klopp’s Dortmund system, can it translate to Liverpool?” couldn’t have come at a better time. Many say Dortmund “trounced” Spurs but Pochettino had more priority on the EPL and key players like Kane, etc were left out.

Well, that’s that. The draw is done and we take on Dortmund and I welcome any strategies you guys can come up with to beat this German 2nd top Bundesliga team. Remember Klopp said, “…why would I want to play the strongest team (Dortmund) in the EL…” and that’s a summary of what Herr Klopp thinks about his former club. It’ll be interesting to see how he strategizes. Interesting to also know that Dortmund and Tuchel wanted to take on Klopp in the finals in Basel rather than the QF.

Here’s my take on Dortmund:

I believe Aubemeyang and Reus are probably the 2 biggest threats, the former more threatening. German teams are also excellent headers of the ball in front of goal. My final worry for us is that we may be too overcommitted in some of our tackles during the game and get a red card or concede a penalty. If we try to avoid all the 3 points above, I think we’ll  be fine and it will be a close match.

Europa League QF :

Villareal v Sparta

Braga v Shakhtar

Athletic Bilbao v Sevilla

Liverpool v Dortmund


The Champions League’s QF draw was also done on Friday and we have:

Man City v PSG

Wolfsburg v Real Madrid

Bayern v Benfica

Barcelona v Atletico Madrid


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It was inevitable was it not, things like this happen time and time again, we just have to go at um and see what happens


It’ll be a great gauge of how much we’ve progressed.


We are progressing little by little, next season is when we will be able to judge how far we have moved on. There will be players come in both directions in and out, and I think there may be some surprise,s