OK after a long night last night and losing my voice let’s try to break down the way that lead to Wembley.

I know all of you are super happy, we qualified but it needs to be said and if you don’t realize your mistakes you won’t get better. Besides acceptance is the first step. So here goes: Liverpool were **** last night. I just knew the moment I saw the line up. Klopp set a proven failed formation of 4-3-3 to defend a lead, but is that really a Liverpool mentality? We are playing Stoke at Anfield. I want at least a 3-0 win and so should all of us plus the players plus the manager. The moment I saw Stoke’s 4-2-3-1 formation I knew we were going to have a hard time, with Mark Hughes quite intelligently placing Crouch at the top since every single football club in the world has realised by now, we can’t win a header.

Indeed during the first 15 mins Stoke had 63% possession with Liverpool hoping to score on the break. That is pathetic if you ask me. Up at half time we managed to up our possession significantly as players tired away. Liverpool were pretty much happy to hang on and never looked like wanting to win with 0 shots on target the whole game!!!! The same old problems appeared once again and even if Klopp doesn’t have his own team he just won’t learn. You simply can’t blame everything on players. Tactics plays a major role in a performance if not the biggest accumulator. 4-3-3 failed us time and again this season since it’s not compact in the final 3rd. There are many more defenders than you have attackers and with our players already static in nature, it is forcing any midfielder to shoot from a distance. With a 4-2-3-1 you have a lot more options up front while defenders drop deeper because they have more bodies to worry for and that creates space.

Passing is poor because of no organization. Sadly the players don’t look up for a pass and just play it up field in hope that there is somewhere a team mate. Players look to have a touch or two before passing which makes us slow and no movement means that all passing options are marked tightly. There needs to be more fluency and determination. Under Klopp we only run when we don’t have the ball. The German needs to tell them they should also do that when having it as well. Fans are allowed to stare, not players.

As it concerns individual performances only Can and Flanagan came out alive from this game. Can dropped in performance during the 2nd half but he was as immense in ET as he was in the first half by simply being everywhere. What can i say about Flano? His first start since May 2014 and shows more guts than any 30M “superstar”. Aggressive, tenacious and often flanking from the right to make crosses. A much needed boost for Klopp. So yes MOTM for us. Bottom line is we need to change mentality first then look at the squad. I believe Klopp is experimenting this season and when the time comes he has his own squad he will put order to the squad.


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I do hope so Klopp changes tactics and not just next season..
i was afraid last night that we were going to lose and quite frankly although we progressed we still lost the game and in my books thats what counts 90min plus extra time..


I think we much focused not to conceed a goal than to put one in. Stoke were from my point of view better of possesion and threat, but also were unable to strike it in.
of course they get 1, from clear offside, what concerned me more was so much space left on the pitch from Moreno, who let Sakho completely exposed against 2 opposites.
same situation happened in 2nd half, not sure which minute, but never mind.
Sakho looked to me quite nervous, made some mistakes, and bad decisions.
I missed more shots, sometimes i thought, that no one in red want to shoot, rather pass to someone else.
we were not strong in midfield, but I think it’s much because of the tactics to hold Stoke out and hope for counterattack.
surely there is much stuff to improve, but as you wrote positive performance from Flanno and I m glad to see him back.
Hope for Skrtel, Lovren, Origi get back soon to have more options.

Hopefully the team in wembley will be Origi Coutinho Firmino Can Lucas Hendo Clyne Lovren Sakho Flannagan Migs Bench : BigBen, JAllen, Skrtel, Ibe, Lallana, Texira/Ojo

I’ll go with that team. Let’s hope Coutinho and Origi are not only back but fully match fit by then. I’m not an expert on formations – I’m happy to leave that to Klopp. I have a feeling that this season he is adjusting the formations to suit the players available. Next season, hopefully, he will have the players to suit the formation he wants to play.