Right. Final score 3-3 i can’t say am disappointed but i won’t hide that am really frustrated. We could have won the game so many times.

3 things Klopp needs to iron out. Firstly the defence. It’s a matter of transfers. Its been a problem with every single manager i can remember so i don’t see how it’s Klopp’s fault we can’t stand on our own two feet or even win a header. Players simply not good enough. Unless there is a way to implant into their head the idea of not being soft. Mignolet didn’t have much to do in the 2nd half but those first 2 goals were unforgivable. Its a goalkeeping standard to cover the closed angle at the near post of your goal (first goal) and i won’t even start on the corner although the ball should have been stopped long before reaching Mignolet and for that I blame the defenders. Toure found himself far too up-field at times while Sakho’s feet must be 90 years old. His tackling is awesome though.

Secondly the movement. Liverpool players are static. No its not the passing the peoblem. We have really good passers among exceptions. The reason every 3rd pass is astray is because there is no movement. When you are marked you need to free yourself and give options to the player holding the ball. Unfortunately at Liverpool whenever a player is holding the ball, all others stare.

Thirdly. Finishing. Well this coincides with movement a bit cause if our strikers were moving they could have found themselves in much better positions and take their time. There isn’t much i can tell you about this. How hard is it to keep the ball down? At least test the keeper.

Today we were saved by our battling. The guys really gave their all. Had a lot of passion and an inspired Firmino found the net twice. If it wasn’t for his 2 goals my MOTM award would go to Henderson who bossed the midfield. He ran, he passed well, he was cool. A true captain’s performance.

The way i saw the team tonight i refuse to accept anything less than a win with the scums. 4 points from 2 big games with so many injuries, i will be happy. Bring it on Mannure.



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Thought it was a great game last night, but we need to tighten up in defence, concentrate for the whole game and not switch off. We should deafend as a unit, similar to the way we press two on the ball with one just off so they can pick up the loose ball. Time and time again we lose the free ball to the opposition. If we won more of these and had players who can head the ball from crosses then we would not let in so many goals.


The defence is certainly a problem Klopp has to solve. It starts with the goalkeeper. Mignolet makes some great saves but he doesn’t inspire confidence. If we have ambitions of winning the PL then a top class keeper is a must. Look how much better Arsenal are this year with Ceck in goal. Neither do I have great confidence in any of our central defenders. Skrtel has been a good club servant but he isn’t top class and his form this year has been average to say the least. Sakho is quick and a good tackler but he is injury prone and is slow to get back to form after an injury. Lovren is much improved this season but if he’s the best we’ve got then I think we are in trouble. We need a pairing where one is strong and good in the air and the other is lightening fast and tidy on the ground and I’m not sure if any of the current bunch meet those criteria.


Agree, we need a new Alan Hanson, he was a great football playing defender.


Henderson was huge. Firminos brilliant second goal was matched by the brilliance of Hendos hard work to win back the ball to set it up