Hey guys Merry Christmas and sorry for being away. Christmas family obligations you see. Here is our Leicester game review:

Final score 1-0 at Anfield for the Reds. At last a win and 2 things will stay in history after tonight’s game. Liverpool are the first team to deny Leicester a goal this season and Benteke missing the most open of goals.

I think the key tonight was eliminating defensive errors which in other games made us start with a minus 1. Lovren was impecable tonight ( maybe the reason is he played on the right side of the CB positions) and subsequently being key to not conceding stupid goals. As we said in previous articles Mignolet has great reflexes and saved a couple of good chances from Leicester attackers but his exits are plain awful. Needs to work them hard. From then on it was a matter of maturity and patience.

Not the perfect performance but given we played an opponent in great form I think we did really well. We need to lessen the long balls given the technical material we have and play a lot more lower. Miscommunication was another big thing during the 1st half especially, but I think that will end with experience.

The 4-4-2 Klopp introduced was surprising given we were asking for Brendan’s head for changing formation to often but since this is a trial season for the German we’ll let it pass.

Finishing still remains a problem and on another day we could have been punished. We hold the 3 points and hopefully the psychology will be given a boost.

Simon 7
Clyne 5
Moreno 6
Lovren 9
Sakho 5
Emre 7
Hendo 6
Lallana 6
Coutinho 6
Firmino 6
Origi 6
Benteke 6



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A good defence is the building block of a good team we need to do this much more often than we have been doing recently. All though say that we have had fifteen clean sheets with migs in goal, so if we can build on this from the back. But we must also defend from the front through the middle, if we are tigh right through the team then confidence will grow. And we will progress.