The more I read about Götze the more I think our second half collapse in Basel to Sevilla costs us. 

I’m not sure if the rumors were ever true about the link, though I tend to think they were, but it seems all interest dropped as soon as we lost that match and had no European football to offer next season. 

So whether he was even a player we wanted or not, the development might be indicative. Whether he would help on the pitch or be injured too often, or just crowd our midfield more, a “name” like his early in the summer window would’ve signaled intent. 

Even Europa League might’ve captured him, and some others. It’s viewed rather negatively in England, especially for a club of LFCs historic stature. 

But it was season-ending silverware. (Don’t think down the road they aren’t playing that up for themselves). It’s European glory. So even without it giving us CL, if it woulda put us in EL again I think it would’ve been big to players on the continent. Remember Klopp talking about how it is viewed differently there?

So hopefully Götze isn’t a sign of things to come. And no CL means we were never gonna poach a top player from Barca, Real or Bayern. But hopefully we still can grab some from CL/EL teams in those leagues. 


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He is talented for sure but let’s face it, he is not the x factor and he is not a full fledged striker, I am pinning all my hopes on Origi, Danny Ings and Firminho in the coming season, if they could improve.. it’s more than enough, defending is still a concern, hopefully the summer window will sort it out, can’t wait to see the new GK in action, I wonder how many opportunities will Marko Gruijc get…


Its probably true that our lack of Champions League football next season has ended all hope of a big name signing but Klopp is renown for bringing in players of relatively low profile and making them world class. I’m more concerned about the rumours of Coutinho to PSG as we don’t want to lose another of our star players and become seen as a selling club.


Players past their mid-twenties will have a particular focus on European football because the chances they’ll have of getting a winner’s medal is more limited from then on. Also, many commercial deals with players come with a stipulation that the player is receiving television coverage via the CL or EL (so that products are being seen by a large audience, worldwide in fact). Not playing in Europe not only dents a player’s ambitions but also his pocket.


Accordingly to media reports… Mario Götze mentioned joining Liverpool FC is a step back and he prefers to join Arsenal… However, every football club has a publicist that writes up stories to put off clubs from signing players with an “attitude” that has been made up. I rather if we went for Reus instead and he’s a better player. The good news is Liverpool FC said they weren’t interested in Vardy and I am glad he’s not on the shopping list.


Mate with a final of CL wins each RMadrid players got more than 500,000euros. With the no euro games for LFC ,Goetzer prefer to hot the bench in BMunich and receive all the bonus writing in his contract. And he is not the only one, mostly or I would say all big names would done the same . CL is quality, fame, and money.


I don’t really get this silly season. We all know Mario is quality and at the same time, all the players linked to us are top players at potentially huge money but I don’t quite get the rumours. We have 5 strikers and a dearth of attacking midfielders. What we need is fullbacks, a LB to be precise, CBs and a defensive midfielder and wingers. With Benteke, Sturridge, Origi, Ings, Firmino, Coutinho, Lallana and supporting players like Ibe and Ojo I feel like this should be enough attacking players, more than we need really, given that we have no European commitments. We have Markovic coming back but he hasn’t set the world alight at Fernebache and he’s had his injury problems and another fan favourite in Balotelli 😛 coming back, there’s definitely players who we can sell to improve the squad. I’m glad that we have Matip and Loris join the team because those it’s at the back where we need strengthen the team.