So the curse of agents strikes again , just who do these vermin think they are, Balotelli’s agent calls Klopp a piece of S… because he didnt fancy a striker who couldnt score, didnt run and caused havoc despite bleeding LFC for a good few mill in wages.


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You know what phil, just so happy the guy has left our club, i couldn’t care less that we got nothing for him, LFC won’t go under because of it so just glad he’s gone, onwards and upwards mate.


Balotelli had a swipe at Carra once he reached the other side of the Channel (scared, Mario?) calling him ‘a bad player’ (how imaginative). What annoys me most about Balotelli is that if he just put in the effort he could have a decent career. He is the antipathy of Klopp though – Klopp is all about putting in work, Balotelli is all about avoiding it.


I don’t think Klopp is losing any sleep over either case