i just saw a report that LFC would be willing to sell Markovic, who is on loan at FEnerbache, for £7.3million!

what the hell? We bought him for 20 last season and we would take that big of a loss on him? And we NEED pacy wingers.

He was in the Europa League team of the season when we bought him. Seems to me this is on the club as a mess up, mostly still BR, but more blame to go around.

We can’t keep doing business like this.


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I agree we need pacy wingers but Markovic was never going to be it. I never saw the pace he was supposed to have, I don’t remember him even going past anyone. I would bite their hand off, if someone offered 7.5 Mil. He once again was a really poor buy. He never did it for me I’m afraid.


I did have some hope for markovic but i did also suspect that he could be another aqualani, if the report is true then of course its very bad buisiness but klopp obviously dosen’t rate him so we have to trust his judgement.


One of the most bizarre signings by BR, paying all that money out, not giving him a fair crack, then loaning him out, plus throw in his price tag (£20m) & the mind boggles. His preferred position is the number 10 role & he never got a chance to play in it. I felt sorry for him, he was even used at right back a few times by BR so I don’t feel we witnessed the best of him, plus the amount of players we have that can play the number 10 role isn’t good for him either, & throw in the fact he’d really have to start over again & bed back into PL football he’s got a lot going against him. I’d personally like to see him given a fair crack by klopp but I think it could be to little to late for him.


I’ve always had doubts about the mentality of Markovic. He’s only worth what someone will pay for him and if it’s £7.3 million so be it.


@ Realspain I thought you never cared about how much an x player costs 😛