I saw an article on Sky that former Juve defender, Martin Caceres, is available on a free.  At 29, the versatile defender who plays all across defense could be a great signing for us.  His versatility could make him a really solid defensive midfielder.  Does anyone has Klopp’s number or email address?


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Don’t know much about him, so I guess the question would be how good is he, and if he is free why hasn’t anybody snatched him up.
And I don’t understand the rostering rules, but have we had to turn in our squad for the PL for the first half of the year? Would it even help if we got him, could he play for us?

Jamie (admin)

Good call, can’t believe he’s only 29 he’s been around forever. He’s being linked with Swansea but would certainly be worth looking at.

He hardly played for Juve last season though and was injured a lot, in fact he’s currently still out with a Achilles injury.

I guess it depends on the future of Sakho really.