I look forward to pre and post match conferences and getting to hear the thoughts of managers but the questions that are being asked by journalists are just dumb.  Everyone knows the story of the PL – the competitiveness, the money spent, the Leicester fairy tale leading to the highest profile managers all competing at the top clubs.  It’s all very exciting and the possibilities are endless really.  

I get the excitement and the fans are buzzing before and after each game but journalists are supposed to be professionals.  Asking Jurgen about winning the title 4 or 5 games is purely incompetent.  On Friday one journo asked about Cesc Fabregas for some reason or the other.  In City’s pre-match, a question about winning the quadruple was asked to Pep and he actually said what the ****.. and truly, I don’t blame him. 

It goes the same with the transfer window. It’s insane the number of stories and then they have multiple “pundits” weigh in then an article where the player who is rumoured to join will fit into the lineup.  I think the media need to re-evaluate their questions because we already get these standard/typical answers as a result of these gossip baiting questions that’s being posed in interviews.  I can understand the clubs/managers position as it can have a disruptive effect on the team so alot of effort is made to control these situations. At the same time journalists are not supposed to tip toe around and have the right to ask the pertinent questions because those are the ones the fans would like to know. 

In the end there needs to be a good understanding between the media and clubs/managers with the media not over-stepping their boundaries.  With more of these coached responses we’re hearing, pretty soon we may have a football world where there’s no media commitments which is not likely but with vanilla coached responses from players and coaches, it makes the interviews boring.


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I like the new column the media have come up with. It’s called ‘Ask Riaola’ If the media doesnt have anything good to say about Moureen or rather nothing bad to say about Klopp, they contact super skunk Mino, to repeat his recording,,,hilarious. 😀


At the end of the day the relationship is mutual, both sides need each other which is why managers tolerate the media. There are only so many questions you can ask about a football game which is why reporters sound repetitive. Nowadays they go hunting for a reaction rather than information in press conferences.