It’s reported in the Daily Star (not my normal newspaper!) that FSG are in advanced talks regarding a takeover of Liverpool by a mega rich Middle Eastern investor or investors.  The Star isn’t the most reliable of sources so I don’t know if this is just lazy journalism but I’ve had a feeling for a while that FSG are becoming increasingly detached from the Club notwithstanding their investment in the new stand and I’m wondering if there is any truth in this story.

If it were true would it be good news for Liverpool?  I’ve been scathing about overseas investors who just see a football club as a plaything though they are probably preferable to those who are just asset strippers (and we’ve had experience of them).  In the end for me it would come down to whether the owner would respect the traditions and culture of the Club.   A willingness to invest is also important but I think the days of creating a Chelsea or a City are gone with Fair Play and the game is all the better for that.


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You’ll learn lol. I’m not sure if that’s the way I would like the club to go anyway, it will be all the sweeter to look down on the Mancs, city, Chelsea with their billions and winning nothing when we reach the top.


Lol, yeah, this came out yesterday mate, april fools day 🙄 :roll:, fsg have no intentions of selling up, their earning too much money i would imagine.


Think at this point in time we are doing ok, and are on the move, Klopp will build a team but it will take a season or few to slowly get it how he wants it.


Heard about these rumors last year as well mate, I don’t know if it’s an April fool stuff, LFC stands at fourth position(English Clubs) in fan base rankings across the Globe, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the Middle Eastern business entity wants to take over, Middle East is running out of Oil as every day passes by, hence they are investing in every business opportunities they come across, I don’t think it would be a bad thing if it happens, FSG is way too smarter than we think they are, even if they sell the Club it won’t be until we won some major Titles and Trophies without spending too much, that is the exact reason why they hired Klopp as soon as they got the opportunity to sign him.


April Fool joke or not, this is not funny. Just getting used to FSG and now another owner? Better the devil we know. (Besides, the fans are the real owners of any club!) YNWA


Thus far many Mid-Eastern (MCFC,PSG)/Far Eastern(LeicsFC) ownerships with their hands-off approach has been beneficial to the game as they leave management to professionals rather than interfere in the decision-making. FSG takes the approach of building-up the Liverpool brand value and improving cash-flow with more emphasis on the biz side while the Sheikhs heap money to win silverware…