aka Musicman71 v The Toffees, or, Musicman71 v Everton Sh*te!

Right, so we were still in April, and we’d just edged that EPIC against Dortmund, in the EL, and come through yet another tough match against Eddie Howes’ AFC Bournemouth side. Next up, was the match that would’ve been played on February 28th, except for the small matter of a disappointing trip to Wembley in the LC.

It was the visit, from across Stanley Park, of ‘Berto Martinez’ Everton side. The old enemy. The blue and white sh*te!

They’d just missed out on joining us on the day trip to Wembley, by being edged over two legs by Man(sour) Sh*tty, and were going through the doldrums.

But, as anyone knows when it comes to Derby day, anything can, and all probability will happen.

Every game I’m bussin’ it!!

All the flowers, scarves, and pictures were still there from Memorial Day. YNWA. Always. J4T96-GBNF.x

Your match-night programme.

Back on MY block again!!!

10 minutes to kick-off, and the flags are flying!!

My totes awesome view!!

Line-ups (and some bellas from Sky or BT!!)

Kick-off time!! C’mon you REDMEN!!!

So much for no flares!

GET UP you big soft a*se!!



Sahko wheels away in celebration after adding to Origis’ 1st!! Half-time and it’s 2-0!!!!

2nd half underway, with the blue and white sh*te kicking off!

Celebrating going 4-0 up!!!!!


And a comprehensive stuffing of them across the park!!!!! A result that would effectively end Roberto Martinez’ time in charge at Cr*pison!

One last look (until the next time anyway!!)

Although there were no special guests on this tour, look out for the Newcastle and (especially) the Watford tours! You will cream big-time!! Seriously. You will need to check your kex!! Because you WILL need to change them!!!!!

Oh, and did I mention that yours truly is going to be one of the first few thousand to experience the new look main stand, on Monday 29th August?

And yes, there will be a special tour of Musicman71 v The New Main Stand, which will give unprecedented access to the concourses, the view from the all-new upper tier, as well as pix of the LFC Ladies training!!!!!

Anyhoo, until all that YNWA. Always. J4T96-GBNF.x


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Great stuff muso, i’ve already creamed in antisipation of the newcastle and watford tours and also the new stand 😎 , cheers mate.