Okay. So I know that it’s been a while since I posted a match tour, but believe me….it’s gonna be worth it! WELL WORTH IT!!

But, here’s the thing. I know that I posted the Leicester match, but for the rest, I’m going in reverse order, starting with our final game of the season. The 3-0 win over an already relegated Middlesborough, that secured a return to Champions League football.

And believe me, you ARE gonna wanna see the Special Guest Stars on this (and the other tours)!!!

Here we go! Enjoy!!

Home Sweet Home!!

Doesn’t the KOP look great? As always!

My block!!

My view from the third row!


And we’re under way!



Your matchday programme! Happy 125th birthday, Liverpool FC!!

2nd half underway!!

Emre Can going off to get checked out

Goal!! Champions League here we come!!

You always get one, don’t you? Unfortunately, this one was one of us!

Lucas being interviewed, post-match, to mark his 10 years as a REDMAN

End of (home) season procession.

Me and Grandad (Tommy). He retired after the match. It’s not gonna be the same, not having him there.

Never forget. RIP96. 12/9/2012 Truth Day, 26/04/2016 Justice Day, Accountability Day ?(Hopefully soon.)

Continued support and and respect from (and for) our brothers and sisters in Geordieland!

Me and Boggy (and some dodgy face fuzz! LOL!!)!

Me and Danny Ayala!!

Me and Kev-laa Stewart!!

Me and the one and only Jay Hutton off of Tattoo Fixers!!! I always thought he was a Salford fan!!! LOL!!!

Me and Danny Ings!!

Me and Mr Chairman Tom Werner!!

Me and Big John Henry!!

Me and the gorgeous Mrs H!!! Top lass! Been learning new songs too!!

Me and Dean Saunders!!

Me and Peter McDowell!

Me, Supersub, and a bin wagon!!

All over for another season. Already looking forward to 2017/18!! Hopefully, I’ll get to more games next season.

But just to tide you over, there’s still a few more tours to post from this season, and, TRUST ME, they’ll be worth the wait.

So, until then, remember, You’ll Never Walk Alone!


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Jamie (admin)

maaaaaaaaaaate some big names there! Fancy meeting Henry & Werner.

Great to see you got your post up ok, nice use of the galleries there mate 😉

Look forward to catching up on the tours


Wow! You have excelled yourself with that collection of selfies. How do you follow that? Incidentally I think the lad you say was Daniel Ayala was actually Kamile Grabara our very promising 18 year old keeper from Poland.