So, yeah I didn’t get to do my annual birthday Museum and Stadium Tour, so when this opportunity came up I decided that it would be the next best thing (like I need an excuse to go to Anfield!).

The fire test event for night games had been held on the Friday (August 26), but this one (on the Bank Holiday Monday) was for afternoon games.

There were about 10,000 people turning up for this event, and I was determined not to miss out. So, me and a couple of mates bagged our tickets and arranged to meet up at Shanks statue.

The bus to the ground brought us up Walton Breck, as opposed to coming in from the West Derby side, and the first thing that hit us was the enormity, and majestic beauty of her.

My jaw dropped, as she came into view with all of her newie-newness.

The camera was out, as soon as I got off the bus!

Here are the pix!! Enjoy!!!! Oh, and look out for the Very Special Guest, as well!!!!!!

Isn’t she lovely, Isn’t she wonderful?

Like I say, IMMENSE!!

The proper badge!!!!

The view from those windows is breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!

They had the covers on, for the test day. They will be off for the visit of Leicester City.

The view down Paisley Way!

Yep. You guessed it. Still no queue jump!

The view from the top tier facing the Breck!

A birdseye view of Paisley Way!

The view of Liverpool with the Mersey in the distance!

And the little rabbit hutch you can see, that I had to zoom in for, is Cr*pison Park!!!! LOL!!!!!

The view from the Annie Road end!!! Breathtaking!!!!

Like I say, EPIC!!!

Not my block, but it was today.

Looking down on the KOP

The Annie Road end!!

The amazing view beyond Annie Road

The view beyond the KOP!!

The view of the pitch from Row 65

The Under-23s

And the LFC ladies being introduced before their respective practice sessions!

The new tunnel and dugouts on the halfway line

GOD being interviewed!!

The lads in training

The ladies doing likewise

Olympic Gold medallist and LFC fan Sam Quek being interviewed

The lads bagging some refreshments

Me and the KOP

Evac time!

All in all a very satisfying trip. Throw in some free Scouse Pie, as well, and we’re laughing!!!!!

Oh, and look who I was lucky enough to bump into!!! Only Team GB gold medal winning womens hockey player and massive LFC fan, Sam Quek!!!!!!!!! And yes, she really is that gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

One last look as always!

And even though I never got to pay my respects at the actual Hillsborough Memorial, it would’ve been amiss for me not to visit one of them. RIP 96-GBNF.x

By the time you view this the Leicester match will be over, and yes there is a tour!!!!!

Until then, though, YNWA. Always. J4T96-GBNF.x


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Jamie (admin)

Awesome pics mate, up there with ya top tours that, gold medal worthy even :-)Beautiful day too.

Great to see the new Anfield through a fans lens. It looks exactly as it did on those amazing artists impression from months ago.

Crazy to see you looking down on the mighty Kop like that. Can’t wait for my first visit.

Cheers mate 😉


Nice pics. The Main Stand, although very new and big, seems to fit in with the feel of the rest of the stadium. Some new stands on traditional grounds can sometimes feel a bit tacked on because they’re a very new design among older architecture.


Those are brilliant and look forward to the Leicester Tour 😀