Just a couple things I’d like to see occur in the Final. 

One, I’d like to see Torres score for his club, hopefully the winner. 

I want to see Ronaldo play poorly and miss a sitter that haunts him as they lose. 

I’d like Bale’s hair get tangled in Marcelos and have to be cut to separate them. 

I’d really love to see Real keeper Keylor Navas play so terribly bad that they feel they have to spend the Gross National Product of a thriving country to buy DeGea to replace him (although they get him on the cheap so Man U doesn’t get a ton of money). 

That Marco Materazzi gets to bring out the “Big Ears” before the match and head butts Zidanes chest as the San Siro erupts with cheers to turn the night even more electric than it already will be. 


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Jamie (admin)

Simply brilliant! I’ll be watching with your wishes in mind


Would love all that to happen mate but judging by the first 20 minutes there’s only one winner in this game and it aint atletico unfortunately.


Sadly none of your wishes came true apart from Ronaldo playing poorly and even then he had the consolation of scoring the winning penalty. I thought Athletico were unfortunate to end up the losing side.