Its rumor time again , Neven Subotić a centre back who plays for Dortmund, is not getting much game time, he played for mainz before Dortmund, currently on 2 Mil (Euro) salary. He is not a bad option at all, if we can get him for a decent price, Klopp will have lot of options for strengthening back line and he can keep rotating which he has done pretty well and will continue to do so.

Meanwhile Los Blancos are sniffing to land Roberto Moreno, if they really want him, they will pay whatever LFC quotes, I wonder if it’s okay to cash in on him, I personally don’t think he is irreplaceable, we can get an RB and another player for a different position if we sell him.


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Subotic is very welcomed at Anfield and a solid center back.

If they want Moreno then they have to pay top dollar to get his services but I’d prefer if we keep him instead. We’re trying to build a winning team here.


We’ve been linked with Subotic for a while now and tbh i know nothing about him but if he’s an improvement on what we have already and we can get him then by all means get him in.

Moreno is definitely not irreplaceable and if we can sell for a good price and get a better player in then of course that makes sense but lanno does have a point, klopp is trying to build a winning team with what he has and if we keep selling players it makes it more difficult to do that so there’s pro’s and cons to that situation.


I can’t see Liverpool selling Moreno in January with our current shortage of experienced full-backs. If Real want to make a silly offer in the summer so let it be, but as they only want him for cover as their usual left back is injured they may no longer be interested in the summer.

I’ve not seen much of Subotic but what I have seen he is solid if not spectacular. I’m not convinced we need to strengthen in January, and if we do it would be someone to cover the full-back positions. I’d prefer us to do our business in the summer when there is more choice and less likelihood of being held to ransom.