It’s been an up and down 2015 for the Reds.  There have been high points such as our run of form prior to the Man U defeat in March that began a run of poor results that ultimately did for Brendan Rogers.  Then there have been great performances such as Chelsea, City and Southampton though these have been the exception and horrendous performances against Villa (semi-final), Stoke, West Ham, Palace (twice) and Watford have often followed the high spots.   Our best moment of the year almost certainly was the appointment of Jurgen Klopp as our new manager, a man who has the passion we have been looking for in a manager and a sound tactical brain – a man tailor made for Liverpool.

However the time has come to look forward not back.  Like most of you I really don’t know what this group of players can achieve.  One week I think we just need a couple of new players to make us title contenders the next week I want to replace half the team.  I’ve been thinking what I would like the Club to achieve in 2016 so here goes:

1 – A trophy.  I don’t care if it’s the FA Cup, League Cup or Europa.  It’s been too little silverware for too long.

2 – A top 4 finish.  Even Jamie Carragher doesn’t think we will do it but if my number 3 happens then I think we will.

3 – Daniel Sturridge stays fit.  Unlikely I know but one can always pray for miracles.  A fit Sturridge would revolutionise our attacking threat.

4 – A bit more physicality and a bit more menace about any new players brought in.  Brendan tended to buy nice ball players (though some appear to be having difficulty controlling the ball at the moment) but we have been bullied too often.

5 – A return of the old Anfield atmosphere.  Sadly I don’t get to matches any more but I hear more support from Reds fans in the away matches on TV than the home games.

6 – A good start to the 2016-7 season and top of the league come new year 2017.

I’m sure there are a lot more I could add but these wishes are a start.  I’d love to know what other Kopfans are hoping for.

Happy new year to you all!


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Jamie (admin)

Agreed on all points. I think top 4 is more than possible in this crazy season, there’s never been a season so competitive and open which is testament to the league, we may not have all the stars but top to bottom theenglish prem has more quality than any other.

I’ve give great thought to which players might improve the squad and been stumped trying to choose. It’s difficult as on a good day we don’t need much more, just consistent good days.

Have a good new year mate, now the day jobs settling down I’ll be back here. YNWA x


With our current squad I don’t think we will get top 4, I think we need a general, a Macherano or a Stevie type player. Hendo is a great captain but we need someone to kick the other players up the back side. Some players atm are not giving 100% for the team, and for us to get top 4 we need them all singing from the same hymm book. And also the home crowd need to be motivated by the players effort. We will also need to have one he’ll of a summer transfer window for us to challenge for the title in 2016/17. Not happening I’m afraid. Hope I’m proved wrong on that one.


Well, consistent performance would be a nice start, followed by a few man city, Chelsea results, a big win against the United scum. Win a pot and I would be happy. Start the new season 2016-2017, with a bang and continue with consitant performances. Yep that would make me pleased.


And me.


And more aggression, we need to get stuck in more and not be skipping around the pitch like a bunch of fairies. For me, our main aim every season has to be CL football, we win a cup along the way, fantastic but to get established back in the CL has to be the priority, only then can we start looking at another lge title, my dream for this season is a top4 finish just like it is every season.

Happy new year Huytonian.


Spot on warrior we really do need players to step up and be aggressive. I thought Can would be the one but he seems to be a bit hit and miss. Sometimes when he loses possession he jumps in and gives away a free kick instead of just jockeying. Lucas gives away silly free kicks which put us in trouble.


Sometimes when Can is running he looks really big and arkward, i read an expression about carroll once that described him as ” he runs like a cow and turns like a ship ” which sums up Can perfectly for me, like you say, very hit and miss but i do have hope he’ll come good on a more consistent basis. As regards lucas, would drive you crazy at times, i do like him but we definitely need an upgrade in his possition, dont think we should sell him purely because of his experience but we do need a far better DM and i reckon that’s one area klopp will be looking at next summer.