Norwich leading 2-1 at half time. We became witnesess to another Liverpool game where we run without a reason. Its like watching 9 year olds kicking a soda can in the street. Liverpool play is problematic everywhere not just offensively and defensively but in the build up play as well.

We conceded the first goal because Sakho was waiting to control a high ball to his feet in the area instead of heading it away. That’s a football first. In the 2nd goal a lot of people blame Mignolet for some reason. When Norwich makes these kind of forward runs and a club as big as Liverpool doesn’t, and when 8 defenders can’t clear a single pass, I can’t see why Mignolet is at fault who was correctly covering his near post (a goalkeeping basic).

Built up play is awful. Most times we kick the ball upfield and hope a teammate gets it. There is no support in the final third and passing is slow with most players wanting to dribble instead of looking around for a pass. Simply terrible. I have no idea how we scored. We must be one of the luckiest teams around. Ive seen schoolboys playing with more organization than Liverpool. Players simply don’t understand their roles.

In the 2nd half Liverpool went down 3-1 through a stupid challenge by Moreno who had absolutely no chance in getting the ball. Then some nursery school defending allowed Hendo to get one back. But the real deal started right when Adam Lalana took Ibe’s place. I think this is a moment of i told you so from my Lalana post last week :p. The formation changed from a 4-3-3 to a 4-2-3-1 and we are wondering as to why Klopp didn’t start it since it works better (4-2-3-1 was used in the 3-0 win vs Exeter).

As our page mentioned in a brief statement 3 days ago about Adam Lalana who is serioulsy underrated, he is one of the very few to actually make forward runs. Within 5 minutes of his entrance he made 2 runs, one executing a marvelous assist to Firmino making it 3-3 and another who was caught offside. Lalana brought energy and options to the team when for the whole game before that, we were watching Emre Can battling on his own outside Norwich’s box. Milner found more space with Lalana’s entrance as the home side’s defenders had more people to worry for. With more people up front and high pressure, Norwich became prone to errors which allowed Milner to make it 3-4. Sakho continued his bad performance by not managing to head the ball away allowing Basong to get a shot in making it 4-4, but Lalana hadn’t just said the final word, when in the final seconds of the game he popped up and voleyed it home.

There are still serious problems with this Liverpool team in all areas but at least we can start from somewhere and that is the formation. Klopp must realize that 4-2-3-1 works better and will work even better when the players get used to it. Clyne needs to make forward runs behind the defense. He has the speed, he just lacks confidence. Moreno does it and sends the ball anywhere but a teammate, so i think if Clyne does he’ll be more successfull. Players need to stop long balling and try to play safe in short passes. I know Klopp plays a counter attacking high pressure football, but rush decisions keep squandering attacks. Get your head up, look for a teammate, and do it fast. Don’t hold on to it for too long or dribble. We are wasting good time most of times and goal opportunities need fast decisions and of course smart ones.

New players? We definitely need them, but as long as we have this team that doesn’t mean the current ones can’t learn a thing or two. Also Klopp needs to give play time to those who deserve it and that’s Allen, Texeira and Ojo.


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Agree with Lallana and sakho comments…
would love to see more of Allen and co as well..


Ojo & Texiera look very calm on the ball, but unless they get to play in big matches consistently we would never know , unfortunately I don’t know how much can we experiment besides FA cup fixtures….


Mate the only logic is, he is playing safe and why wouldn’t he, please remember he needs to show the club owners how well the senior team he inherited can play through out the season, so when he has the summer window, it’s easy to negotiate with the owners to get the players he wants, let us say he plays both Texiera and Ojo in Semi Finals and if they fail, lot of people will question why did he not start with the seniors, if seniors fail, he will have the strength of younger players and new signings that he wants in the next season.

Just because he is not playing the young talent we already have , it does not mean he will never play them, trust me he knows best, hopefully you can become a Manager someday 😛 and when that happens let us know, we will be more than happy to criticize your decisions 😎 …. coz all it takes is a pc and a tv for fans like me….


Lallana deserves praise for his performance on Saturday that really made an impact. I think the query against him is can he do that regularly? All too often he flatters to deceive and makes little impact on games. If he can show his Norwich form consistently for the rest of the season I for one will be very happy as I rated him before his move to Liverpool.