Just a quick word on lastnights 21s 2-0 win over spurs, a great performance from the lads who pretty much dominated the whole game but one player really stood out and that was Ojo, this guy must be in klopps mind for next season as a first teamer, especialy if he continues to perform like he has been lately. It would be fantastic for a gem to come from the academy and i really do think Ojo could be a gem, he’s got serious potential and under klopp i feel he will flourish and become a top top player.


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Hope he stays and become an Anfield great like Micheal Owen!


Both Ojo and Kent were impressive against Spurs but Ojo has the better chance of making the grade. I’d love to see a race between him and Sterling – I reckon Ojo would win. He’s grown a lot in the last year or so and he’s filled out a bit which he needed to do. When he was younger I thought he might be one of those players who was so gifted he felt he didn’t have to work at his game, but it looks like he is taking on board the work ethic that the Academy staff drill into their players. His closing down was really impressive last night.


The time he had at Wolves and playing against championship players as helped him with his physical presence, just hope we tie him up and don’t leave it to late and he moves on, anyone know who his agent is.


The club is trying really to get Alex Texiera from Shakhtar, meanwhile why not give opportunity to Ojo considering the injuries we have ….