We all know the news about sturridge by now which is very frustrating but he may not be out for as long as we think with reports on the SSN site that he might be in contention for the game against leister on the 26th, boxing day, stephenson’s day for me and lanno as we’re irish, lol.


I think this is a great chance for Origi to step forward and show us what he can do, we got a glimpse of it against the saints last week with his hattrick but what impressed me as much as the goals was his movement and runs which improved ten-fold from earlier in the season, obviously something he’s working on under klopp. I know we should’nt be relying on a 20year old to save our season but if he turns out to be good enough then he’s old enough in my book. Benteke just dosent look right in a klopp team and for me i’d play Origi before him, he will have gained a lot of confidence from that hattrick so lets see if he can push on from that, i know we dont have much choice but the injury to sturridge might just fall right into Origi’s hands but of course he has to take his chance when given it, i’m quietly confident that he will.


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Origi could have a big future. He’s obviously a bright lad and his English is very good which is going to help him. From all reports he’s a lad who works hard and doesn’t have an over inflated ego. My criticism of him from pre-season and early season was that he was holding back in the box and failed to take up dangerous positions. I was beginning to wonder if he is a natural striker. Given his performance against the Saints, especially second half, I’m now wondering if it was simply a lack of confidence rather than not being a natural striker. The Club have been working on another similar striker Jerome Sinclair to get him into position for more tap-ins and it seems to be paying off. If they can do the same work with Origi then he could become a big player for us.


I have to admit at the start of the season I thought we had too many strikers. Just goes to show that even Rodgers wasn’t going to rely on Sturridge and use Benteke, Origi and Ings as the main forwards with Sturridge coming in when fit. As for Benteke, myself, like many fans are really frustrated with him after the Newcastle game but the fact is that if we don’t go wide and put in a decent ball, he is redundant really. Something’s gotta give in this situation, either he starts making runs in behind defenses and becomes more mobile or our tactics change to utilize him to his strengths.


Does Big Ben have the pace to run into the gaps, or take on defenders, or his he an old style centre forward wining high balls and creating room for some one else to get on the loose ball, should he be used with a smaller forward along side him, as a partner in attack. He certainly can score the odd great goal, but can he do it regularly on his own up front, I think not, so like you say he does need players going with him, a bit like toshack and kegan.


Big Ben is a very good striker, with Firmino, Coutinho or lallana playing behind him, I don’t know. The problem is that they have not played too many games together, may be they will figure out a way, I have seen Big Ben making amazing runs, I think more than anything else his first touches are not that impressing, once he gets that right and once he has awareness of the defenders and our players, it will be a different ball game, he has to start thinking without the ball, I have noticed Origi do that against the Saints, he timed his runs amazingly, purely based on form and awareness, I would choose Origi over BigBen, if BigBen comes through , trust me nothing like it. I know I was very harsh with Ben against the NCU game, purely because he was very less creative as a striker.