Reading there’s a few doubts for this game so i’m going to leave a few ? in. Another one of our boggie teams coming for a visit and i’m sure big fat sam would take great pleasure in turning us over. We’ve got 5 cup finals left as i feel there all must wins now, we can’t be giving arsenal or manure a sniff at gaining on us. My team would be, 


                                                                                      clyne    ?      lovren   milner

                                                                                         ?      Can        wijnaldum

                                                                                         firmino   Origi    coutinho

I think these players are certain to start but with doubts on matip, lucas and klavan some of our young lads might get a start, best of luck RedMen.


  1. sandiphulse

    Yeah Matip will be a big miss, with crosses being pinged to benteke all day long, we need a strong tall defender, lovren alone won’t be enough, we will have to cut out their build up, not give any chances to zaha and Townsend to provide services to big ben

  2. Huytonian

    The injury news was a bit more positive today but I guess we’ll have to wait and see which of the injured threesome will feature. Matip would be the biggest miss though Joe Gomez has been doing well for the U23’s recently. Palace also have problems in central defence with Sakho ineligible, Dann injured and Tomkins facing a fitness test. Also Sam is having to juggle his starting line-ups with 3 games in a week for his team. So even if we are missing a couple more players we will have no excuses, as they will be in the same position. I have a feeling there will be goals in this one, hopefully mostly to us.

  3. RedUncle

    Sakho has been such a steadying influence on Palace I’m hoping his absence will unsettle them bit. If Matip is missing I wonder whether Klopp would move Can to the holding role so there is someone there of comparable size to Benteke. We’ve seen what Benteke can do if he’s not challenged quickly around the edge of the box so I’d personally like to see a sizeable player in that zone constantly bullying him so he doesn’t have a lot of time to create anything. The only other concern I have is that Palace could cause us problems if we leave ourselves too light at the back when we go forward, they’ve got some pacy players so we don’t want to be losing possession at the wrong times. If we can keep hold of the ball, however, by not being sloppy and restrict their chances I think we should be strong enough to beat them.

    1. Huytonian

      The speed of Zaha and Townshend on the break is definitely a threat. We need to be careful not to over commit when attacking. I’m hoping Lucas is fit to start as he provides good cover in these situations. Despite his lack of pace his positioning often gets us out of trouble.

  4. RedUncle

    We can rely on Liverpool to lose a game when a win or at least a draw is pretty much a must. Our attacking front line looked kind of weary in the final quarter, lots of misjudged passes and losing of control. It looked like an end of season game. And although Benteke’s goals were well taken the way he plays is not the most difficult to predict, give him a yard of space when the ball comes to him and he’ll score. The marking on the corner that led to his goal was beyond criminal. We gave him too much space too often, which is poor against an entity we know so well. The one plus was Coutinho’s perfect free kick but it doesn’t really feel much of a consolation right now.

  5. sandiphulse

    Not really, man u has to play spurs, arsenal and city, we have to win the rest of our matches, lets not give up, Hopefully klopp gives grujic a chance to play and see what he is capable of, what’s the point in buying him, if you are still going to persist with lucas, I am sure grujic will not take 252 games to score a goal, when he gets to goal scoring positions, all due respect to lucas and his service, liverpool does not rely on a focal point goal scorer, cam missed a sitter, so did lucas, Origi is never in a Centre forward positions, we need to grind out victories, yhe least we could do is put strong young talent on the pitch, atleast to get them a sniff of the real competition

  6. Huytonian

    Our defence has rightly received a lot of criticism for their performance especially the left side but our attack was equally to blame. I don’t recall Palace’s keeper having a save to make. We didn’t get enough players in the box at times and I am wondering why Wijnaldum wasn’t there more often as he was very effective last season for Newcastle arriving late in the box. Hopefully the return of Lallana will give us more creativity though it remains to be seen how long it takes him to regain full match fitness.

    1. RedUncle

      It’s annoyed me a bit how Lovren has been made the scapegoat for the defeat. Yes, he was poor but neither Matip or Can covered themselves in glory either. Our set piece defending was a group failure with players marking zonally but not picking up runners. I can remember mentioning to someone at halftime ‘Can you recall us having a shot on target, apart from the goal?’ because although it seemed like we were being creative in actual fact we produced very little. If people lump the blame for that result on just a few players I think they’re missing the point – against Benteke we HAD to know what we were doing collectively when defending set pieces and we simply didn’t, that was a team responsibility, and our attack looked pretty blunt from start the finish. Whatever the problem was mentally it was a team problem and not just an individual one. We have four games now we have to win and my hope is that result will act as a jolt to the entire squad – if they want Champions League football they have to give everything from now until the end of the season, no excuses.

      1. Huytonian

        Lovren is uncomfortable when exposed in wide positions especially on the left side. Surely our pre-match planning should be around preventing this happening too often. This should mean Milner being more circumspect with his runs forward and when he does get forward one of the midfielders should cover. Sam said this was a weakness Palace planned to exploit. You are right that our Palace performance was a team failure and not entirely down to Lovren having a poor game.