Well I think we’re just about getting over Wednesdays defeat. Time to reflect on the season, take a look at some of the ups and down and look ahead to next season.

At the clubs annual awards Phil Coutinho cleaned up, winning player of the season again. Personally I’d give James Milner the award, he’s been outstanding and given everything in every game.

Who’s your player of the season? Tell us in the comments below…


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This is very difficult as there were a number of players who had spells of good form but the only one who was consistent throughout the season was Clyne (and even he had the occasional poor game though given the high number of games he played that’s excusable). However, I wouldn’t give it to Clyne as he didn’t do anything particularly outstanding, just did his job (if only Moreno had done the same). I guess I’d give it to Coutinho because when he was on form he was different class and he scored or assisted in some big games. Nevertheless he often leaves me frustrated by being anonymous in some games when as our main man I feel he should be taking the game by the scruff of the neck.

It all depends on what criteria is being used to judge them. If it’s for consistently doing their allocated job then there can only be one winner and that’s Clyne, although Allen would be in with a shout as he hardly had a bad game in any of the limited chances he was given. It feels natural to want to award the flair players like Sturridge, Coutinho and Firmino but Sturridge missed the majority of the season and the Brazilian pair went missing in too many games. In fact, I’d like to deduct points from Coutinho for being completely anonymous in the Europa League final when we needed him most, a fact that has been largely overlooked due to Moreno’s calamitous display. Lovren, Lallana and Origi would be in the running if the criteria was based on who was the most improved. But I’d actually share the award between two players for the same reason and they are Milner and Kolo. The pair stepped into the breach at pivotal points in the season and helped keep the ship steady. Although Milner had a slow start he found his feet at the point when Henderson, our captain, had his season ruined… Read more »
The difficulty of such a question means one of two possibilities: 1 that there were so many outstanding performances by a variety of players that it would feel an injustice to ignore one, 2 that nobody was consistently good enough to merit a selection. Sadly our season is a reflection of the second, in large part due to a managerial and corresponding style change. Couple that with our slate of injuries and it was a roller coaster. So how to pick a POY? Could it be a workhorse? Mr Reliable Clyne comes to mind with his solid performances over the whole of the season, regardless of those around him or manager in charge. How about Emre Can who solidified the midfield, and was a rock in front of defense who often bailed out our fullbacks who committed forward, or muscled teams off the ball to break up their attack? Then there is Milner who ran the Boston Marathon for FSG every match and played where needed, as well as stepping in as captain when Hendo went out? Looking up front to flair you have Coutinho, Firmino and Lallana. Coutinho was the clubs pick but I have to drop him to… Read more »