We’ve got a bit of a wait for our next game which, for me at least, is a really daunting one so I thought just to take the edge off a little, it would be fun to do a player vs player and see what you guys think.  I’m going to put two LFC players together and in a situation where there’s a chance of scoring, who do you think would take the chance?

  1. Firmino vs Origi – Origi has scored a hattrick and a very lucky deflected goal against WBA but both players really struggle when they lose confidence and seem to lose it easily too.  Firmino has failed to inspire but against City, he showed what he is capable of and Origi at the beginning of season was also not playing too well and seemed trigger shy when he got into some goal situations so I thought I pit these two against each other as they both seem to need a few chances to score.
  2. Lallana vs Ibe – Both capable of making chances, Lallana scored a couple in Europa and Ibe scored in the 6-1 route against Soton.  I thought these two would be a good match up despite being different players and experience levels because both have missed really good chances and seem to need quite a few before they score.
  3. Benteke vs Ings – Big Ben has scored a sensational goal vs Utd showed that striker instinct against Chelsea but we haven’t played to his strengths.  Ings showed  good form before he go injured and looks more of the type of forward that would suit our style but I think he needs a couple of chances in front of goal.
  4. Sturridge vs Coutinho – Definitely our 2 best players.  Both combine very well and I think can be our closest Gerrard/Torres combo in terms of provider and finisher.  Both play in different positions but are similar in ways in that both arrived in the same January window and were Rodgers best transfers.  Both seemed to somewhat a favourite of his because he spoke of them very highly.  Both are very skillful too and score good goals and key goals for us.
  5. Lucas vs Allen – These two are not known for scoring and play in the similar role in midfield.  If in a scoring situation it would be interesting to see who you back to score.
  6. Milner vs Henderson – These players are our midfield dynamos and the engine of the team.  We know they both work very hard on the pitch but Henderson, to me, is adding some real footballing quality to his game which is going to make him a complete footballer.  Watching his transformation has truly been both inspiring and exciting because I hold him in extremely high regard.  Against Watford, a pathetic team performance, he was pulling some incredible Gerrard-like pin point accuracy long diagonal passes.  If ever we win the league in the next few years, I think he’s fitness and role in midfield will be key.
  7. Sakho vs Skrtel – Off a corner, a header chance would probably be the best opportunity for our main CB pairing to get on the score sheet, although Skrtel’s goal vs City might beg to differ..
  8. Clyne vs Moreno – These two fullbacks fill me with great hope that they can become super footballers.  Clyne showed some good finishing at Soton and Moreno’s scored some good goals for us too.  Their energy to charge up and down that left flank leaves me exhausted and cramping for them!
  9. Patrik Berger vs Riise – This one is just for fun.  Both known for their tremendous left foots and have left great memories for us scoring some incredible goals in the years gone past.
  10. Dalglish vs Suarez – This one I think is the hardest to choose between but is seems apt save the best for last and put our best No.7s against each other round off the listing to a cool 10 choices!

This is just for fun.  Feel free to add your own.


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Origi- at least he’s scored a few.
Lallana- a better finisher.
Ings- better workrate.
Sturridge- more natrual finisher.
Lucas- Could’nt possibly choose allen over lucas.
Hendo- no comparision here imo.
Skrtel- Can’t remember sakho scoring for us???
Moreno- for that goal against spurs.
Riise- Has clyne scored for us yet???
Suarez- Not difficult for me mate, suarez could score a goal with a blinfold on, his natraul ability was that good.

Here’s one for ye mate, gerrard v alonso????


Between Orgi and Firm, Origi purely because of the current form
Ibe – Lallana lacks punch and killer instinct

Ings any day, Ben will slows us down

Sturridge suits English league more , but I think it should be Firm vs Count and Studdge vs Origi

Lucas is more reliable between the two

Hendo mate, Milner is getting old

I cannot choose between the beast & the Skeleton

Neither can I choose between Clyne and Moreno

Suarez mate — what a striker he is , there is nothing he lacks as a football player, any Manager’s dream

Finally It has to be Gerrard – his goal scoring abilities, a great leader , an LFC Loyal


Some of these are very tricky but if we are only considering who is more likely to score here goes:

Origi at the moment though I still have hopes for Firmino

Ings at the moment though again I have hopes for Ben

Sturridge no contest

Allen more likely to score though both of them are more likely to miss.

Henderson has more of an eye for goal these days. Might have been Milner a couple of seasons ago.

Skrtel – Sacko only scores for France.

I’d put Clyne and Moreno level

Suarez to score ahead of Kenny but Kenny was more likely to provide an assist.

Gerrard if he was in the opponents’ half but Alonzo if he was in our half.