In the summer of 1961 Shankly made two signings, that were to be hugely significant in the rise of the club.

Their names were Ian St John and Ron Yeats, centre forward and centre half. They would be the spine of the team along with Tommy Lawrence who was graduating through the ranks of anfield, he was a goal keeper.

so as you all keep saying we need these type of players now only, we call them keeper, central defender, and a striker. These players gave the team the spine that was required and as time went by players around them were changed and the team strengthened, and over three or four years the team began winning and winning consitantly. Is this not a similar situation we have now only we are not in the second tier, as was the team when shanks took over.

So it will be this summer that will tell us in which direction Klopp takes the club. My thoughts are that if we are patient withdraw what is happening then we will see the evolution of the team, in a similar way it was done way back in 1961. With players coming and going each year until we have the squad the is required to progress in the PL and the champions Leauge and also do well in the cup competitions.

it is widely agreed that we have some very good players, but we need to have a real spine through the team, and as in past days, and as is the trait in great team of today, you have a good striker one who score regular, a good central defender who commands the rest of the defence, and a good keeper who commands the goal area and feed confidence through the team.

So if you look at the time of Shanks when he took over and what he achieved, and the legacy he left, and the task Klopp has I front of him then I feel there is so much of history ready to repeat itself, Klopp will sort us out build a squad, as did shanks, win trophys and leave a legacy for people like stevie g to take on, as did Paisley following on from shanks. So is it our turn to rise again. YNWA


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I hope your right mate, we have to hope that klopp stays at LFC for at least 10 years in order to build a new era at our club, no point in him coming in for 3-4 or 5 years, has to be for the long haul, he does that and we’ll have days again just like the 70s and 80s.


Fowler I do hope you guys are right, it has been way too long. And you’re right koped49 it is all we need is the spine all the other branches are good enough.


Absolutely agree that the spine of the team has to be right. I would add Willie Stephenson to your list of St John, Yeats and Lawrence. Bringing him in during our first season in the top flight to add some steel to midfield was crucial in developing Liverpool under Shankly.

There are definitely parallels now. Goalkeeper central defence. defensive midfield and striker are the spine of the team and all need strengthening.