Brendan’s side were beaten 1-0 by Lincoln Red Imps, Gilbraltar’s part timers which included a taxi driver, fireman and a customs guy. Wonder how long BR will last at Celtic Park, Parkhead after a game in which he insisted was not embarrassed by the result…?


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Jamie (admin)

I seen his interview. Pretty poor to say it was not embarrassing. They sat back, parked the bus and fell lucky for the goal but still it’s not a good start to life for BR. If they don’t turn that round he’ll be under pressure from the off.

In contrast Klopp wasn’t overly happy with how we played at Fleetwood tonight, despite the 5-0 win.


I understand trying to be optimistic and paint a picture.
And it’s true they have a return leg at home to take the tie so I can understand not wanting to destroy any thing confidence that they already have that is dwindling.
But he definitely runs the risk of his own players not taking him seriously when he speaks when he spouts something that everyone knows is nonsense.
Tell them they were poor, tell the media they were poor. But tell them and the media that you expect them to perform as professionals in the next match and that you expect a win


Exactly, he just doesn’t get it, say it how it is, you’ll earn more respect but of course we already know that given our history with the guy.