I saw Sakho’s videocam on YouTube and he did nothing wrong. It was supposed to be a fun tour at Alcatraz prison and Klopp tries to act like a North Korean sentry. Sakho was upbeat, it’s just his way of enjoying himself and making everyone around him happy asking how long they can manage a stay at Alcatraz. If Jurgen wants to act like the North Korean President and make all players think he’s going to execute them if they come within 5 metres of him, then Liverpool should get another manager.

I am especially irked by the way Klopp smiled easily at Sakho (calling him Mama, by the way) when his LFC interview was interrupted and then took out the knives later. We don’t need a two-faced manager. If Klopp wants his players to train seriously, then he shouldn’t have taken them to Alcatraz but instead kept them on the training field. I cannot believe Sakho is going to be kicked out of Liverpool just because he interrupted Klopp’s interview or joked with everyone. Jurgen is the manager but the players are the one who sweat and score the goals and I must add it was Sakho’s goal that was the turning point in our game against Dortmund. Klopp shouldn’t make players bow and fear him as if he was some kind of dictator. Klopp should stop acting like President ****. Or if he wants to act like one, stop the smile and show who he really is.


Klopp has finally put forth the 3 reasons why he sent Sakho home and I am more than satisfied with his reasons given so I’m okay with Klopp once again.

1. Sakho was late at the airport (no excuse unless there was an accident or road block along the way)

2. Sakho missed a training session (no excuse but maybe Sakho has a valid reason or not)

3. Sakho was late for a team meal (okay no excuse and Klopp can act if lateness is becoming a habit for Sakho)

Although I have to take that smile and nice guy act with a pinch of salt now. If I was a player under Klopp now, I’d be tensed and closed-up with this manager. But the reasons given by Klopp are sound and its hard to argue although I wished Klopp would just let his anger out immediately when something is not to his liking, for example when Sakho was late at the airport (no excuse for Sakho though). Missing a training session is unacceptable. Being late for a team meal? Maybe if Klopp showed his true colors and showed explicitly and immediately that he really didn’t like those things being done AT THE TIME THE WRONGDOING OCCURED, it would be a better method to get the players back in line. Rather than smiling as if nothing is wrong but behind the player’s back, his noting or jotting down how many times a player is late for something and the player has no knowledge what he’s doing wrong and suddenly when he hits the threshold 3, he’s suddenly punished. I mean why take Sakho to America if he’s going to be sent back the next day or two? I read Klopp’s explanation that he’s building a team and I can see Klopp’s point of view too BUT … the way he does it with the players could build a Chinese wall between him and them and the players would think twice about going to Klopp for anything … what’s more if they need his advice or got a problem.

I have to agree with Klopp since he says he’s building a team and wants the discipline instilled early on but he could make his rules CLEAR to the players beforehand and in writing on a big signboard or something at Melwood. Anyway I can see Klopp did say it was small matter with Sakho but if so, he could have just pulled Sakho over once back at the hotel from Alcatraz and gave Sakho an earful and warned him that he WOULD be on the next plane back if there was ONE MORE case of indiscipline on the tour, instead of just sending him back out of the blue like he did. I don’t think Sakho realised what was happening. There was no way Sakho would have gatecrashed that interview if he knew Klopp was mad at him. I think Sakho was being Sakho, and Klopp should have just given him an earful and that would have put Sakho in his place..no need to send him back from the tour. What I mean is when Sakho gatecrashed his interview, that would probably have been the best time for Klopp to bash Sakho by giving him an earful but instead what did Klopp do ? He seemed to smile and make a joke out of it as it it was alright. What I’m saying is Klopp should just show his anger when something he doesn’t agree with happen, and not hide behind a smile…I don’t know what kind of tension the players will go through with Klopp’s knife-behind-the-smile attitude but I can say it wouldn’t be very comfortable as a player but it does keep them on their toes … uncomfortably…and stressfully….


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Sakho sent home? When I intimated that there was some tension in the locker room due to the departures of many on the team, I was just making a tongue in cheek observation. However, it seems that I am far more prescient than I knew. I had not idea that a confrontation (of sorts) between Sakho and Klopp was occurring. More intriguing and somewhat frightening, is the fact that Klopp decided on such a dramatic gesture to put his stamp of authority on things. The locker room is definitely tension filled now with many wondering about the season ahead. Things can go from good to OMG quickly if this is not sorted out. No matter what happens, Klopp’s carefully contrived, jovial, hugging persona has taken a major hit! YNWA

Jamie (admin)

I think there’s more to this that’s been kept under wraps and rightly so. We don’t want our pre-season ruined by off the pitch media reports. Klopp is reasonable guy and a big, big fan of Sakho too, he wouldn’t have done this without very good reason.

Think of it from Klopp’s point of view, would you really want to send one of your key players away from the tour? It may never come out but I think this involves more than just interrupting the interview.


I’d agree. That was menial and wouldn’t be the reason.
If anything I’d imagine Klopp was disappointed that Sahko wasn’t in better shape since he “had May and summer off” and that is the reason


Sakho has got previous form when it comes to off-field friction, among other things he stormed off when he didn’t get picked for the Merseyside derby, don’t forget. If he was also supposedly late returning to pre-season, as has been widely reported, it’s not surprising Klopp has got a few questions regarding his attitude. There’s obviously been more to this than has been reported and in the end it comes down to how much faith we have in Klopp’s judgement – given the evidence, I have more faith in Klopp’s man-management than Sakho’s professionalism.


His videocam is on the official Liverpool FC YouTube channel and the official home page…I hope sending him was to work with rehabilitation as well with match fitness. The new season is going to commence a little over a fortnight.