Kopfans, here’s hoping everyone had a wonderful festive season and looking forward to a glorious 2017

There seem to be extra reason for cheers with Liverpool finishing 2016 with such great expectations. And could have been flying in the New Year, if not for crunch timing of TV schedule and old habits of poor refereeing. With that 2-2 draw at the SOL, suddenly everyone is rocking the Reds boat.

Funny, because the same critics, pundits and press didn’t even give LFC a prayer in the beginning of the season. The pre-season prediction from the so called ‘experts’ did not even include LFC under Klopp anywhere above top six. With some truth, pockets of Red fans are still surprised to see where Liverpool are sitting on the table currently.

But at least there are some genuine critics like Gary Neville, who recently insulted his former team and when he said “If Manure beat LFC they could win the title.” That’s a compliment to the Anfield side coming from a rival camp for a few reasons. They spent 100million on one player and LFC made 100million from sales. Liverpool have one of the youngest squad, and they are still in the developing process. So when a team has to beat a squad of young lads to give themselves a boost, it says a lot about Moureen and his team of experienced flops desperation.

The fact is Liverpool has not only surprised many so far this season, but under Klopp LFC is proving a real threat for the future.

You can sense a state of panic among rivals and other contenders.

It would have been easier to concede the title to LFC if the Reds have spent the same silly transfer money, and have Europe’s highest paid players in the books. But this Liverpool squad has come out from the ‘hood’ and are not only punching above their weight, but flooring their opponents. So it’s understandable the rivals are not only annoyed but embarrassed.

But what can we do? From players, manager and fans of LFC can only shrug our shoulders and say, ‘Oops! Sorry you lost to a better team’

That’s how it has been under Klopp, no fanfare, no mocking and no pressure. Just playing, enjoying and clearly emphasizing the point for a fair challenge.

Hence, LFC fans should already be celebrating now because the damage has already been done.

The Reds under the Manager of the Season, in my opinion, have already sent shock waves from the cities of Manchester to London. Klopp’s revelation have sorted out class against form by putting the most recent title holders and title ‘buyers’ in their place and the Reds are doing it with some style too.

If being the best entertainers in England is not charming enough, they are bringing sense back into English Football, from a forgotten place called Academy.

So come what May (2017), no pun, but it shouldn’t matter where LFC finish the season (among the top 3, ahem) because once again it’s a lesson for the FA bigwigs and senseless critics that passion will always triumph over ego.

Consequently, the 2-2 draw, the slips ups against Bournemouth and mistakes against West Ham, should not derail Liverpool target, to finish in the CL places. Going for title wasn’t even part of the plan.

However, seeing how most are terrified of Liverpool this season, LFC has already won something no one thought about, intended or predicted. RESPECT.

The rest as they say, will become history. YNWA


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Agree with you, we have to focus on one prem game at a time, rest the main players in the cup games, throw the kitchen sink against Manacs, we seem to have a problem with lesser teams especially away from home, if we could sort that, anything is possible this season, getting Van Dyk by paying over the odds is not a bad thing, that would really strengthen our back four.


Nice read Misty,
I do think the team we had in the 13-14 season had a bigger fear factor about it but that was mainly down to one player i will admit. This team has earned a lot of respect this season but results like burnley, bournemouth, westham and sunderland kind of diminish the fear factor imo, it is there to a certain extent but not as big as a few years ago when we had one luis suarez on the rampage week in week out, when he wasn’t banned of course.


I’ve been looking at the fixtures and after the United game we have 10 home and just 7 away games left. Obviously it’s crucial we take something from the United game not just to keep us in the title race but also to keep them from coming within 2 points of us. Watching the Spurs v Chelsea game last night I was pleased with the result but it has compressed the top 6 even further meaning there will be a real battle for top 4 let alone who will be champions. I can’t think of any other top league where this is possible. One advantage we will have over the others apart from Chelsea is that we are not involved in Europe this season, though that is negated a little by our involvement in the semis and hopefully the final of the league cup. I can’t help thinking that we have been unlucky again with injuries when you look at how Chelsea were able to play the same back 5 throughout their 13 game run. I’ll feel more confident once Matip and Coutinho are back and Mane returns from the ACN.


I think much will depend on whether we can keep key players fit from now on. There’s a spine of players – Matip, Henderson and Coutinho – who make Liverpool look like contenders when they’re present. When these three are playing the team as a whole looks more organised and functions better, it’s interesting that against Sunderland none of them were present (of course, the scheduling didn’t help). If we can keep these core players fit, along with the likes of Milner, Sturridge and Firmino, then there’s no reason why we can’t finish in at least the top four or even challenge for the title, although much depends on Chelsea faltering soon.