After watching Jurgen Klopp taking us to greater heights for this season, I couldn’t but help think about what is probably IMHO our best form – the good ol 2013/4 season not so long ago. An absolutely one of a kind season where the club’s scoring and attacking records were broken time and time again and credit must be given to Brendan Rodgers who can say that, “no Reds manager can ever repeat what I acheived in 2013/4.”

Yep, the season we scored 100 goals (and when in our history have we ever had a hundred goal season). Brendan Rodgers was a genius in building his team around Suarez and also putting emphasis on outscoring the opponent without bothering about defense too much. Yup, it was a formula that certainly worked and produced fairy tale outputs both on the pitch and in the media praising the Reds.

Why I’m talking about 2013/4 is because maybe Jurgen himself can take a few lessons from this one only outstanding season as his team has not exactly been goal prolific. The first few games in that season started without Suarez who was suspended but who should set a record Reds debut but Dancing Danny who I think got us 9 points from the first 3 games. When Suarez was allowed to play, the Suarez magic goalscoring machine took over.

But when you carefully look back at our 2013/4 season and why we scored so many goals (you can hardly believe we have strikers so unlike those now), I would say 3 players (maybe 4 with the Count) made it possible:

  1. Suarez – a world class scorer who nutmegs and can find the corners of nets without looking up, dares to do 30 metres volleys and who almost never give up with his second touches on the balls if his first strikes didn’t go in. If you keep reviewing Suarez’s Liverpool goals again and again, you’d notice this.
  2.  Sturridge – I looked back at all of Suarez’s goal and you know what ? STURRIDGE PLAYED A MAIN PART IN THIS. If you can see the number of extremely amazing assists that Studge gave Suarez – the backheels and through pass…without Studge, Suarez’s goals would be halved. Sturridge himself was a prolific goalscorer (and we are depending on him mainly now) but I think his awe of Suarez had him giving most of the balls to the Uruguayan.
  3. Steven Gerrard – Captain Fantastic almost never missed all of his penalties. Superb penalty taking, hit with confidence low in the bottom right corner most of the time, saw us through until that ‘slip’ against Chelsea. But the ex-captain’s superb 30-40m long distance pass nearly always opened up scoring opportunities for us.
  4. Coutinho – the Count’s clever incisive balls also opened up scoring opportunities for the Reds

One thing that got me was how Man City could also be as goal prolific as us..that was strange. Their only goal prolific frontline was Aguero but they had a great distribution of goals over most of their frontlines like De Silva, Nasri, Dzeko at that time.

SO HOW DO WE GET OUR CURRENT SQUAD TO BE AS GOAL PROLIFIC AS THE 2013/4 ONE? I say we have a twin strike combination of Benteke and Sturridge and also a twin attacking midfield of the Count and the Firm.


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Musicman71 aka Muso

I’m sorry, dude, but NO.
A) dwelling on the past is a no-no. As a team (family) we have dwelled on the past (70’s & 80’s esp.), all too often.
B) like you say, only a few members of that side are still with us.
C) you can’t rely on a Benny/Studge strike partnership, because has a glass foot, and the other seems to have developed a club foot.
D) yes, Suarez was amazing, and his team up play, with Studge & Coutinho, was incredible.
But, personally, if the Kloppmeister wants a blueprint for a Top 4 side, he need look no further than the 08/09 squad. We had a marauding midfield of Gerrard, Mascherano, & Xabi. We had Pepe in goal. We also had a relatively injury free back-line featuring Dagger, Skrts, & Hyppy. Plus, we had Torres up front, scoring for fun, and wanting to play for us.
PS we have done 100 goals before, albeit over 100 years before


Yes, that season was absolutely brilliant, I am not too keen on building a team around a single striker because when he leaves or stays injured for a long time, everything starts to fall apart which as fans we don’t want. I would love a proper system that gets us results, an academy which is able to supply players to that system, all this can be achieved by someone Like Klopp or Pochettino and we have Klopp so it’s good mate, look at Dortmund they were able to get back to success again without having to spend too much in the transfer market.. Klopp’s influence will be there on LFC for a long time mate and I already feel good about it.. 🙂


It’s nice have all these young guys coming through. But, it then gives you the problem of how do you keep them all happy, they can’t all play, so it’s about how Klopp can manage the situation, if any one can it will be him


If Klopp can sort the defence out we won’t need to score 100 goals to be challenging for the title. That means a new keeper, a left back and a central defender (maybe Matip for the latter but I haven’t seen him play so I’m not sure). A forward line of Sturridge, Benteke and Firmino with Coutinho playing deeper would potentially be outstanding depending on Sturridge’s fitness and Benteke rediscovering his shooting boots. I also have hopes for Origi and Ings but should we let Sturridge or Benteke go then I think we would have to dip into the market again.