Hi all,

Thanks for your input on my request for website feedback. I’ve taken your comments on board and have plans in place to:

  • Speed up page load times
  • Improve mobile site layout & navigation
  • create a faster and clearer homepage that lists all posts

I’ll wait until close season though, save any interruptions.

Some people mentioned being bombarded with emails when comments are made, I understand this is annoying so have made some adjustments to the email system:

  • If you receive 6 email notifications in an hour from a single post they’ll automatically be paused, you’ll be notified of this with an option to un-pause them.
  • If you receive notification of a comment but no longer wish to follow that post, simply reply to the email with the word “unsubscribe”, look out for instructions on this within the email.

Finally I’d just like to mention the new weekly digest, each Wednesday at 10am (uk time) you’ll get an email with details of the last 10 posts and there comments, just in case you’ve not managed to login.

I won’t ask for any more feedback as I’m sure you’ve better things to be doing, thanks for all your help.


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Looks good