I read this morning and I am just getting around sharing it with you folks and I sure most of you are aware with the latest incident at this evening into night. Sakho was on snapchat around 3 am Saturday morning in Liverpool (as media says) but what hell was he staying up all night at this hour?

I know I went into bed at 3:25 am but I fell asleep watching police academy which I never got to see the end and was passed out for at least 4 hours but that’s not the point plus it was the weekend for me. The point is… it’s a home game on a Saturday afternoon and kick off time starts 3 pm the entire squad had to be there with preparations such as eating meals last minute changes, plans, idea etc… u know the whole regime with preparations.

I think this time Sakho may have hammered the final nail in his Anfield career by venting his issues on a social media format and I am not really impressed by the latest stunt. Accordingly to Klopp’s post match interview he didn’t say much but however he said it’s not positive. I believe Klopp is very angry over this incident and has every right to be for which I don’t blame him.

When it comes to match days on the weekends and middle of the week with cup games etc, we the supporters are there hoping to win… it’s all about winning and relying players to be focused on each game as it comes whether it’s home, away, TV or computer screens. With stupid stunts such as this one appears before a game is not a good sign and as Klopp said it’s not positive.

Sakho may be a cult hero at Liverpool City… but we had many over the years… countless names but they behaved like gentlemen… I can throw many examples… here’s one Craig Johnston when he won a place in the starting line up for a game… “To win the shirt is victory” I love those words. Another one Rodgers had planned to sell Henderson off to Fulham but Hendo refused and worked very hard to get back into the team… a few months later Rodgers made him vice captain and became the skipper after Gerrard left. Sakho should use Henderson’s experience and fight hard for a place during train instead of taking it out on a social media site.

On this round I am with the Gaffer and if Sakho has to be sold in the next transfer window then it’s best for both parties to sever ties because we cannot have the apple cart to be upset or whatever the saying is. Mostly importantly Sakho shouldn’t take advantage of this “Cult Status” because it’s ******** and insults the football club. I hope Sakho someday realizes no player is bigger than the football club.


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What Sakho hasn’t realised is that Klopp was basically setting him a test – knuckle down and do what I say, even if it takes a while, and you might find your way back into the team. Sakho has fallen at the first hurdle because he’s impatient. The biggest insult to Klopp will be that it all came out on match day. On top of that he basically implied in his Snapchat that Klopp was lying. After this I’ll be amazed if we see Sakho in a Liverpool shirt again.


I’m curious if any players, such as Hendo or Milner have been trying to give him guidance as well.


I loved the way Sakho played last year! Took us to the EL championship then failed a drug test because he was trying to hide the fact that he was not following a diet meant to keep him fit. That action coupled with those of that idiot from Everton cost us our chance at CL futbol this season and cannot be forgotten. His subsequent behavior has revealed a long standing problem with authority and an immaturity that is startling to behold. I repeat, I love the way Sakho plays for us but he has become self destructive distraction that no one wants to contend with. The next window is a little over three months away then he can take his act on the road. YNWA.


He’s digging a hole for himself so big you would fit anfield into it, maybe this is his way of getting out as he knows his LFC days are numbered under klopp. There certainly seems to be an attitude problem with him and the way the team is playing right now we don’t need any distractions, i agree with reduncle, i doubt we’ll see him in a red shirt again, klopp won’t except this BS.


What’s strange is that IF this is a case of a player trying to force his way out, why do they exhibit behavior that potential suitors would be turned off to?