After the outcome of the Hillsborough inquiry the latest developments with Sakho seem somewhat trivial. For those who are still interested, however, here is a recent update:

“Press Association Sport understands the France international opted not to request his B sample be tested ahead of Tuesday’s deadline after his initial test revealed traces of a fat-burning substance.

“Sakho was not on the team’s flight on Wednesday lunchtime for their Europa League semi-final first leg in Villarreal.”

This is an intriguing turn of events as it suggests Sakho is not challenging the validity of the A sample meaning he must be satisfied there was no contamination. It may, and it is only conjecture at this stage, be a sign that Sakho could be admitting his use of a banned substance, whether intentionally or unintentionally consumed, early in the investigation, probably under legal direction, in an effort to gain mitigation. The signs are rather ominous, if they weren’t already.

Further update:

Sakho has now been officially suspended by UEFA, provisionally for 30 days, and is awaiting the announcement of when his disciplinary hearing will take place.


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I am not aware of what you know of an a and b sampl, they are the same sample taken at the time, they are then split into an A and B sample so it is obvious that they will test the same result as they are in effect the same, the main reason they split the sample it to two A,B is so they can test they retrospectively at a later date, when new testing methods have been developed, so some one who as shown substances in the A sample would be grasping at straws if they thought the B sample would be any different.


Read he was gonna plead mitigating circumstances. Hopefully not contesting it doesn’t anger them and his record and other factors will be on his side for a reduced punishment


It doesn’t look good for us and the outcome for which I have no idea what is going to be.

The representatives for him and from LFC must have given him solid advice not to contest it which sounds like a reasonable decision when it comes to the final verdict of the punishment and I hope it’s not a severe one.


My fear, with the test coming in the EL against Man U, and especially with Sahko being a goal scorer vs Dortmund, will UEFA somehow comeback and negate our victories, especially if we were to go on and win it all.